8 Most Famous and Profitable Niche Ideas To Start a New Blog

Before starting a new blog website you have to choose a niche and it is the most difficult part. There are many niches available you can choose from, but they might not help you in generating income. Different niches have different earning power but not every niche can generate good earnings. If you choose the wrong niche then you may not be able to generate good income from your blog website.

Can we choose to target any random niche? So the answer is No, You can’t target any random niche. You should have at least a good amount of knowledge related to your niche so that you will run out of topic while writing a blog post and you will be able to write long posts. If you will choose the wrong niche then you will run out of topic very soon and you won’t be able to write long and knowledgeable posts. This might can disappoint your reader.

Things to keep in mind

Just drop all these things about the niche for a minute and check whether you are ready or not. After creating a blog website and after picking a niche, you have to write quality and knowledgeable content consistently. First, make up your mind, drop your all laziness in the dustbin and come outside of your comfort zone. I am saying this to you because many people start blog websites and write many blog posts then they get frustrated and leave blogging. So if you have enough faith in yourself and want to make a carrier in blogging then don’t lose hope and don’t drop blogging. The more you will learn the better you will become. So now if you are ready. Let’s talk about the 08 most famous and profitable niches to start a new blog website:


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1. Make money online

Just ask yourself why you are creating a blog website? The answer is simple, you want to make money online. Just look around everybody wants to make money. Today, there are a lot of ways using which people can earn money online like using apps, stock marketing, etc. If you have enough knowledge and experience in this field then you can share it. When it comes to making money online there is a lot of things you can choose to write a blog post, for example- How to make money by blogging? Or something related to the stock market investing.

2. Health & Fitness

Everybody wants to be fit and healthy. As you already you Health is wealth. Health and fitness are the most searched terms on the internet and at the time like a pandemic, people search for them more. Fat people search for tips to get fit and skinny people to search for tips to get healthy.

You can earn by selling fitness products or you can also use affiliate marketing. These two are the most famous way to earn money. You can suggest to them some products like bottles, running shoes, fitness bands, protein powder, etc. Just keep one thing in mind don’t share any wrong knowledge in the post. Your target should be providing quality content to the reader and then you can suggest to them some product related to the post you write.

3. Fashion

Fashion never gets old, one by another new trend comes. If you know about clothing then you can choose this niche. You can suggest to people different types of fashion styles. For ex- what they should wear with white pants? If you mention some kind of cloth in your post then you can place an affiliate link to that product.

4. Reviews

You can give reviews of different TV series, web series or new movies. There are a lot of different series and movies available, you can tell people about your honest review related to a particular movie or series so that people can find out whether they have to watch it or not. Anybody can choose this niche because all they have to do is to watch movies or series. All you need to do is to give your honest review and nothing else than that and you will never run out of topic. This niche is only for those who have free time and love movies.

5. Gaming News

The gaming industry is growing very fastly and it will never stop growing. There is a lot of things you can share like new leaks, rumours, reviews, announcement, release dates, etc. For finding the latest news, you have to research daily for every new update and you have to explain the whole news in simple language so that everyone can understand it. Just like movie reviews, you can also share about different game reviews.

6. Cooking

If you like to do cooking and have proper knowledge of different recipes then you can write many posts about different food recipes like idli recipe, don’t recipe, etc. You have to write about different ingredients and when you have to add which ingredients. You have to write about every step so that your reader can understand it easily.

7. Politics News

Every single day you will get new news related to politics. So you will never run out of topic. You can cover International politics news too. Everybody wants to know about what going on in their country and the world. All you need to do is to mention the main highlights daily because it is the news category so you should update it daily.

8. Education

There is a new trend going on in today’s world is online learning. If you are a teacher then you can share knowledge related to a particular subject or you can solve different doubts of the students. You can also make money by teaching tuition online. You can also sell online courses on c programming, java, JavaScript, etc.


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I covered 8 niches that are always in demand. You can choose the niche like reviews, news, gaming news because it doesn’t require any kind of deep knowledge, all you need to do is to share daily updates and in reviews, you just have to share your opinion. Now you can select which niche suits you best to start a blog website.

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