8 Ways To Make Money Online From Blogging

People are earning a lot of money from Blogging and it shows the potential that Blogging has. Even you gain a decent amount of traffic you can easily make $100 by doing some improvement. Many people have chosen Blogging over a job because Blogging has more flexibility and you can also boost your income if you have the proper knowledge. Creating a blog is very easy, anybody can create it but people fail to earn money from it.  There is a lot of ways to earn money through Blogging which can help you to earn a lot. Earning also depends on the total viewers base that you have and the blog website quality.

So if you have a good amount of viewer base then here are some ways using which you can earn from Blogging.

 1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money. Affiliate marketing is very simple to understand. You have to suggest to your viewer a product and whenever they will buy something using the link you will get the commission. The commission varies from product to product. If you target an expensive product with a high commission rate then even one sale can help you to earn a lot. Affiliate marketing seems very easy but finding and targeting customers is not an easy task. But after learning, it will help you to gain some profit.

2. Ads Network

There is a lot of different ads network available but Adsense is the most famous. After getting Adsense approval, you just have to put an ads script in your blog. For every single click, you will get paid. The Cost per click rate depends on many things, it never remains the same. It depends on the traffic sources and the blogging niche. If you receive traffic from the U.S then you can get more income than usual. Adsense has some minimum criteria that your blog should meet before getting approval. Earning using Ads networks is one of the most common ways to earn from Blogging because it doesn’t require any investment.

3. Sponsored Post

If your website receives a good amount of organic traffic and has a good ranking then you can receive some sponsored posts to write. You have to write about their product or reviews to get paid or it can be anything else. You can earn a decent amount from it. You can easily earn from $10-$100 depending upon your website traffic and many other things. Don’t get greedy because sometimes you may face scammers that want you to write about a fake product or app.


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4. Selling Blog Website

Creating a blog is a big deal but if you want to sell it then your blog should meet some criteria like good ranking, Adsense approved and professional looking. Maybe if someone doesn’t have time then you can also get money just by selling a simple blog. Generally, people search for blogs using which they can earn and generate more revenue. If you want to sell a newly Adsense approved site then you can get up to 8,000rs. If you have established an old blog with Adsense approval then you can even get more than 8,000rs.

5. Selling Online Courses

If you have awesome knowledge about anything then you can sell your courses. You can sell courses about how to create a blog and become successful or many more. Don’t just try to make money by sharing unwanted knowledge, only do it when you have proper knowledge and experience about something. Even if you sell courses there is no guarantee that you will get a buyer. For attracting the buyer you have to run a campaign for your courses and you should tell your audience why they should enroll in your courses? You can take Coursera as a reference

6. Service providing

It is different from selling courses. Here you will provide some kind of service to your viewer and in return, they will pay you. If you know about app development, website designing, or website development then you can provide these types of services to your viewer. Service can be of any type just don’t try to create fake things. Try to create trust between you and your customer. For getting more customers you have to run a campaign too, you have to do some investment but you will earn more if your services will be on-demand.


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7. E-commerce website

If you have some shop or you create some kind of digital products then you can sell it easily on the blog. For creating an e-commerce site, you don’t need any coding knowledge. If you will use WordPress then using the WooCommerce plugin you can create a product selling site very easily. Just creating and listing products is not important. The important thing is to run ads properly to attract buyers. You can run different ads on a different platforms.

8. Question and Answer

This is the most simple way to attract lots of viewers and at the same time, you can generate a lot of money too. Different questions keep getting arise you just need to put their solutions and notes. You can also create a site where people ask a question and someone other who knows about it can answer. It’s pretty simple. You can create different membership which will give more features to the viewers like getting your question solution in 10 minutes or anything that you can provide. It will boost your views and earnings.


All the things that I told you today only works well if you have a good amount of viewer base. If you don’t have a viewer base then you might not earn the money that you wanted to. Running ads and campaign is the main key to attracting buyers or viewers so you have to focus on learning it better so that you can reach a good amount of people with less investment doing. I have already told you about some famous ways that you can try. Now it’s up to you which way you like the most and in which thing you are the best.

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