Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogging | Pros and Cons of Blogging

Blogging is a way to deliver some sort of knowledge to the audience or viewers. It is a way through which you write a blog using a blogging website and then it delivers to the viewer. Many people do blogging as a hobby while some do it as a full-time job. It differs from one person to another person.

If you want to become a blogger then you don’t need any degree, you just need the internet and a device that is capable of blogging. Blogging can be done on even low-end phones or PC. You don’t need any team or you don’t need to take any orders, you can do it whenever you want and because of this many people are making their blog website now. And they are making a lot of money too. But does it only has advantages?

The answer is very simple, No, all things come with advantages and disadvantages. In blogging too, it has merits and demerits.


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So let’s talk about some advantages and disadvantages of blogging:-

Advantages of Blogging –

1. No timetable

Well yes, it is not the only advantage but it is a great advantage that’s why most people like blogging. You don’t need to follow a particular time. You don’t need to follow any orders and you don’t need to wait for Sunday. It depends on you which way you like. In simple, you can choose the efficient way to do it. And you can even manage a blog website along with your job.

2. Increase in Knowledge

Before any blog post, there is a lot of research hidden behind it. Serious bloggers don’t deliver misleading things or something that doesn’t make sense. They do a lot of research behind a particular topic so in this way they gain new knowledge with time. Now think bloggers that share educational content learn how many new things daily. Sometimes, this knowledge can be helpful in daily life too. This means learning never stops in blogging, you will learn and explore new things with time.

3. Building a new community

With time, you will get a viewer base that likes your content. Now, you are connected with them. They read your blogs, like your content and follow you on other social media platforms too. In this way, you can deliver your thoughts to a large group of people who will read them. Even you can’t able to see them but you can talk with time using social media platforms, the more you engage with them the more they will like you.

4. Different language

Now, there are many languages in which you can write a blog which means you can write a blog in your mother tongue and slowly it will cover more language. Availability of blog in local language made it easy to understand. In this way, you can target a particular language audience.  If someone searches for a topic in the local language of their area and you writes the blog with the same language then you can easily rank on Google without facing big competition.

4. Writing Skill

When you spend a lot of time, writing blogs then it helps you to make your writing skill better. Gradually, you will be able to write a blog without any grammatical errors. It will not only help you in writing a blog but also help you in writing things with the least grammatical error. If you do fewer grammatical mistakes then the blog post looks more professional and it will be easy to understand for people what you are trying to say. So this is also the advantage of blogging.

5. Money

Do you the actual main reason behind blogging? Well, the reason is simple if you have proper knowledge and experience of blogging then you can generate more income than a full-time job. Many people are earning lakhs. People think that they can also generate the same amount just by sitting and writing unwanted posts but that’s not true. If you want to become successful then do research before sharing anything. There is a lot of different ways to earn income through blogs. For example, you can use an ads network, you can write a sponsored post.


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So you have seen all the advantages and now I am going to tell you about the disadvantages of blogging:


1. No content

If you have only one blog website and you target only a particular niche then you can also face this problem. When you write a blog on particular things then might be after some time you may face no content problem. So when you started to get reach, try to target another niche too.

2. Daily updates

If you post daily or follow a regular consistency and if somehow you break this consistency then it might create a negative effect on the reader. The reader is visiting your blog website so that he/she can get the latest content but they see that you haven’t posted for many days so they might stop visiting your blog.

3. Takes a lot of time

Before writing a blog, a blogger does a lot of research behind a single topic and it consumes a lot of time. Blogging may seem to everyone very easy but it is not easy at all. Even after doing a lot of research, it might not help you and maybe there is not much information about that topic so you have to drop the ongoing topic and have to start working on the new one. So ultimately it takes a lot of time.

4. No result

Even if you write the best quality content you might not get the result that you want. It might not reach the audience that it should reach. First spending time on research and then after writing a post that is not giving you the result you want. These types of things can de-motivate you.

5. Negative comments

Maybe by mistake, you share something incorrect or something that doesn’t work then you have to face negative comments. But in this case, it’s ok but sometimes people comment negative things even on the post in which you work the hardest. It can de-motivates you. But just ignore that kind of people if your work is great.

So in this post, you learned about some advantages and disadvantages of blogging. It may be different from your point of view. But all the points that I cover are common. Just do hard work and gets a good result. Do blogging in an efficient way that you like.

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