Allow Writing Exam In Local Languages Even If Course Is In English Medium: UGC To Universities

New Delhi: The University Grants Commission has asked universities to allow students to take exams in local languages, irrespective of whether the course is taught in English medium or not. UGC Higher education institutions have an important role to play in creating textbooks and facilitating the process of learning in the mother tongue or local languages, reports PTI.

The commission stressed that it is necessary to strengthen these efforts and promote “initiatives such as writing textbooks in mother tongue/local languages ​​and encouraging their use in teaching, including translation of standard books from other languages”.

The commission requested universities to allow students to write their exam answers in local languages ​​even if the program is taught in English medium. It also urged universities to promote translation of original writings into local languages ​​and encourage the use of local languages ​​in the teaching-learning process.

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Students to earn credits for knowing Vedas, Puranas

The final report of the National Credit Framework (NCRF) released by the University Grants Commission states that students can earn additional credits by studying ancient Indian texts such as Vedas and Puranas. Under the newly introduced National Credit Framework (NCrF), specialized expertise and knowledge in Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) can now be credited for credit for other sectors such as sports, games, performing arts, traditional skills, heritage craftspeople, and may be considered. social work.

NCRF Incorporate learning from multiple sources, including academic, vocational and experiential learning, that can be “credited” and accumulated under the framework, regardless of whether it is achieved through online, digital or blended learning .

The National Credit Framework (NCrF) consists of 18 theoretical subjects known as ‘Vidya’ and 64 applied science or vocational subjects and crafts known as ‘Kala’. These subjects are eligible for credit accumulation under the new framework.

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