American Airlines Pee-Gate: Accused Aryan Vohra Came Delhi To Attend Sister’s Wedding

Police sources said the accused of allegedly urinating in mid-air had come to India to attend his sister’s wedding, which is scheduled to take place this month. Earlier, the Delhi Police said that the accused was granted bail a few hours after being taken into police custody and a case has also been registered against him. Police said he was granted bail as the offense was covered under ‘bailable sections’. DCP, IGI Airport, Devesh Kumar Mahala said, “A case has been registered in the matter. We will try our best in this matter. The accused Aryan Vohra has been released.”

Vohra, an accused in the case, was earlier handed over to the police by the airlines with a complaint. He was caught on Saturday night allegedly urinating on an American passenger mid-air on an American Airlines flight from New York to New Delhi. Police said they received the information last night and legal action has been initiated against him. Police have registered a case against him under IPC and Civil Aviation Act.

He was medically treated and was under the influence of alcohol. Police said that the accused is studying in America. Earlier, officials informed that an Indian passenger allegedly urinated on an American co-passenger midway through an American Airlines flight (AA-292) from New York to New Delhi. The 21-year-old accused is a student in the US. He urinated on an American citizen on March 4 when he was drunk.

“American Airlines Flight 292 with service from John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) to Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) was met by local law enforcement upon arrival at DEL due to a disruptive customer. Flight at 9:50 p.m. Landed safely,” said a US airline statement. The airline company said it would not allow the passenger to board in future.

“Upon arrival at the aircraft, Purser reported that the passenger was heavily intoxicated, and was not following crew instructions on board. He was repeatedly arguing with the operating crew, unwilling to sit was and continued to endanger the safety of the crew and aircraft and then, while endangering the safety of fellow passengers, ultimately urinated on Pax seated on 15G,” American Airlines said.

Before landing American Airlines pilot contacted Delhi ATC regarding an unruly passenger on board and sought protection and CISF was informed for necessary action, “After landing of the aircraft, CISF personnel escorted him from the aircraft Dragged out and the said passenger misbehaved with the CISF personnel as well,” an airport official told ANI. Airport Police has taken cognizance and legal action is being taken against the passenger.

Delhi Police said, “We have received a complaint against a person Arya Vohra, who is a student in USA and a resident of Defense Colony, Delhi, for urinating on a co-passenger of an American airline. We are taking necessary legal action.” ” India’s aviation regulator has also sought a detailed report from the airline company.

DGCA official told ANI, “We have received a report from the concerned airline. It seems that they have handled the situation in a professional manner and have taken all appropriate actions.” According to airport sources, the accused was a student and is studying in a US university.

Earlier on November 26 last year, a man named Shankar Mishra allegedly urinated on a 70-year-old female co-passenger in an inebriated state in the business class of an Air India New York-New Delhi flight, but the incident was not reported was done. Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) which was held responsible for the delay in reporting the incident by the airline crew. Mishra was later arrested by the Delhi Police.

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