Apple watch helps detect heart blockage

San Francisco: An Apple Watch has reportedly been credited with detecting an undiagnosed heart blockage in a woman.

As AppleInsider reports, a woman named Ellen Thompson suffered seizures in 2018 and as part of her post-diagnosis treatment, her daughter suggested she wear an Apple Watch to monitor her health.

Thompson recently got an alert from her Apple Watch that her heart rhythm was abnormal.

After that, she went to a cardiologist and was fitted with a heart monitor for a week.
In one instance, her heart stopped for 19 seconds while she was sleeping, after which the monitors alerted the hospital.

The report states that doctors diagnosed Thompson with a heart blockage and implanted a pacemaker to help with his condition.

“It saved my life. I wouldn’t have brought it to the doctor if I didn’t have the alert. Now I wear the Apple Watch all the time,” Thompson was quoted as saying.

She said, “It was very scary to know that I could have died. I flatline for 19 seconds. I probably wouldn’t have woken up.”

Meanwhile, in October last year, Apple Watch helped detect rare cancer in a 12-year-old girl.

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