Best Platform For Blogging? Blogger vs WordPress

Day by day, many people create their blog websites and start their journey to become a blogger. There are two kinds of bloggers, one serious and the other non-serious. Serious people want to create their career in blogging whereas non-serious just create a blog website for fun. So, in the end, it doesn’t matter, it depends on you, and what is your goal?

The blogging field never goes down and just increasing day by day. So if someone wants to make their career in blogging then first of all you have to choose a blogging platform. There is a lot of blogging platforms available but two of them is the most famous and used by most of the new, intermediate, and even advanced level blogger. These two are Blogger and WordPress. Many people are confused sometimes and choose the wrong platform.

Every platform has pros and cons, it can even depend on the need of the user and their budget. Some people are ready to invest in blogging whereas many fear to do. So read this post till the end and then you will get your answer and you will be able to choose whether you have to go with WordPress or Blogger.


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1. Easy to use

Blogger– There is no doubt when it comes to this point blogger has the upper hand. If you are a pure beginner and don’t know about blogging then you should go with blogger. It has a very simple interface so you won’t face any issues in understanding it.

WordPress:- If you have enough time and you are serious about blogging then you can go with WordPress. WordPress also has a simple interface but there are more options available than blogger.

I recommend WordPress for beginners too because it is not hard to understand, you can learn about it by watching videos online. Blogger is too way too simple and gives you fewer options. If somehow you decided to create your blog website in blogger then after learning about blogging, you can shift your blog from blogger to WordPress in the future.

2. Which is free?

Blogger– You don’t need to pay money for using blogger, you can start your blog in just simple steps. You just have to invest money in the domain but if you don’t want to buy a domain then don’t worry, blogger provides a free subdomain. So it’s free of cost.

WordPress– First you have to buy a domain then you have to purchase hosting. Means in simple language, it is paid. Then you have to install WordPress through Cpanel.

I recommend Blogger if you don’t want to invest money. Just remember one thing, you will not able to shift the subdomain of blogger to WordPress. If you want to shift in the future then buy a domain name.

3. Creating a blog website

Blogger– First of all, you have to write the name of your blog website then you have to choose a domain name and after that, your blog website is ready to go live.

WordPress– It is not as simple as Blogger, first of all, you have to buy a domain and hosting. Then you have to connect a domain to the hosting. After doing this, you have to install WordPress from Cpanel. Now you can log in to your dashboard and your blog website is ready to go live.

Blogger is easier to start a blog website than WordPress.

4. Themes and Customisation

Blogger– Blogger doesn’t have a good theme to install in it so you have to install it externally. You might get confused while customizing the themes. It doesn’t even provide a full customization option.

WordPress– It has a wide variety of free themes so you don’t need to install it externally. You can install them and can customize them. WordPress gives you more freedom in customization.

WordPress has a wide variety of themes and you can customize them more easily and with more freedom. So here WordPress has the upper hand over Blogger.

5. Plugins

Blogger– There is not a single plugin available in blogger to install means there is not even an option of plugin.

WordPress– WordPress has a wide variety of plugins. It has a plugin for redirection, SEO, and many more. WordPress makes things very easy so you don’t need to worry about many things.

If you don’t know about plugins then you should know about them. It makes many work very easy. So here WordPress wins.

6. Portability

Blogger– If in the future you want to shift your site to another platform like WordPress you might lose your ranking in Google. So it’s dangerous.

WordPress– You can shift from one host to another. In short, you can move it anywhere you want.

The winner is WordPress.


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7. Security

Blogger– In blogger, you get google security so yes it is very safe but whenever Blogger servers get down your site will be automatically down.

WordPress– Here whether your site will go down or not will depend on your hosting and the traffic you receive. If there is some issue with the hosting provider you can contact them immediately. For security, you can use many plugins and you can also take regular backup of your data using plugins.

Both are almost equal when it comes to security. In Blogger, you get the trust of Google. In WordPress, you have to depend upon the plugin and good hosting.


There is no doubt, WordPress wins very easily. But Blogger is for the absolute beginner. They can just learn to blog without investigating any money and when they will get enough knowledge then they can create their blog in WordPress.

You can create your blog website in WordPress too. Even if you are an absolute beginner and want to continue blogging for a long time then you should go with WordPress. On top of everything, it comes with many plugins which make your work very easy while in blogger you have to do them manually which consumes a lot of time. So at the last, it depends upon you. If you can invest then go with WordPress otherwise Blogger is the best option for you.



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