List-of-Best Themes for your WordPress Website

Themes play a great, it makes a website looks professional and create a good impression in front of the viewer. There are thousands of themes available for the WordPress website but there are few that are famous and load fast. Load time plays a major role, it improves your ranking in search engines too and as you know people hate to wait so it’s better if the theme is fast.

Today I am going to tell you about some most famous themes and then you can choose your best match from them. How to install the theme? It is simple guys, open your WordPress dashboard then search for the themes option then click on add new, and then you can search the names of the themes. For installing it you have to click on the install option and you can also import demo sites. So now let’s talk about the themes.

1. Generate Press

If we are looking for a stylish theme then Generate Press is not for you. It is quite a simple theme but it is known for its fast loading speed. It is also an SEO-friendly theme means it will boost your ranking. You can also import some demo sites and it is also Elementor. So if your priority is fast loading then go for it. Its load is near about 1.2seconds.


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2. Astra

Astra is one of the most famous themes, it is highly customizable too. It is very lightweight and it also comes with many demo sites. You can choose a demo site then you can customize it as you want. Importing a demo site can decrease the loading speed because of their good appearance and the media they used in it. It gives you the freedom to turn off the sidebar and page title. It integrates with famous website builders like Beaver Builder and Elementor. It is a multipurpose theme, you can use this theme to create a site based on different niches like Freelancing, e-commerce, etc.

3. Neve

Never is also a fast theme and it is also optimized for mobile devices and it is SEO friendly too. Never is a multipurpose theme, you can also import some starter sites in just one click. Just like the Astra theme, it’s is also compatible with Beaver Builder, Elementor Pro & more. You can also create an e-commerce site using the Neve theme. It is good for beginners. Overall it is a famous and lite weight theme.

4. Ultra

This theme is created by Themify. It is very easy to use, you can create a new site just by drag and drop builder. You can also import many demos in a single click that includes different widgets, content, and more. It also provides you with many different types of header and footer layouts. It is one of the most famous themes so you can give it a try.

5. WP Ocean

It is also a lightweight and fast site. You can create any type of site as you want. You can create an e-commerce website too and this theme also supports page builders like Beaver Builder and Elementor. It is an SEO-friendly site that is fast and can help in ranking.

6. Hestia

It is also popular and mainly used to create blog websites or magazines but you can also create different types of sites as you want. It also supports WooCommerce and famous page builders too. It is meant for beginners as well as professionals. Hestia is a simple, fast, and SEO-friendly theme that you can use to create a fast site. Many professional uses this theme too so you can get an idea of its popularity now. Its load time is less than a second.

7. Seed Prod

Using this, you can create a site you wanted to. Whether you are tech or non-tech, it doesn’t matter you can easily be able to create a custom site from scratch. It is one of the best drag and drops theme builders. There are templates available to create many different types of pages. You can customize the whole theme quickly using different options. They also provide tutorials and friendly support staff so that you can reach out to them whenever you needed the most.

8. Zakra

It is not as popular as other themes on the list but I am including it in the list because it is lightweight and fast. It is mostly suited for making online stores websites. It is a multipurpose theme, SEO friendly, Amp ready, and responsive. It supports Elementor so you won’t face any issues while customizing. The load time of the theme is less than a second and that’s why is on the list. By the way, Zara also demo sites that you can import in one click, and then you can customize it as you want.


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9. Divi

It is one of the most popular multi-purpose themes which can be used to create different sites. It has been created with an elegant theme and now it is one of the leading themes in the world of blogging. It is a highly customizable theme means you can customize it easily by doing different changes.

10. Color Mag

This theme is not meant for everyone it is especially for those who want to create a magazine and news website. The performance score of this website is above 85%. It gives you many customizing options too. You can also create a normal blog website using this. You can only try. After all, this is one of the most popular themes in 2022.

There are lots of themes available in this list, some are ideal for online stores while some are for blogging and news. Some of them are multi-purpose theme means you can create any type of website using them. Not all the themes are equally fast but yes they are fast. I also include some fastest themes so you can check out them. All the themes are SEO friendly so you won’t face any problem in ranking. Almost all the themes are compatible with Elementor.


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