‘Can’t Be Forced To…’: Advisors Response To NCERT’s ‘Out Of Question’ Remark

Two political scientists Suhas Palshikar and Yogendra Yadav on Saturday once again asked the NCERT to remove their titles as top consultants from political science textbooks. He said that they should not be forced to use a textbook which they no longer accept, news agency PTI reported.

They requested that their names be removed from the books in a letter sent to the NCERT on Friday, claiming that a rationalization process had “distorted” the editions beyond recognition and rendered them “academicly useless”. had made

In a statement released on Saturday, he said that the textbooks which were once a source of pride for him are now making him feel ashamed.

The National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT), however, said that no individual is likely to differ as school textbooks are made on the basis of knowledge and understanding of a certain subject and at no point can claim individual authorship. is done.

In the statement, Palshikar and Yadav said: “We have not raised the issues of authorship, copyright and legal right of NCERT to revise these textbooks. Our point is very simple – if they are at their own risk to distort and distort the text.” If we can exercise our legal right, we should be able to exercise our moral and legal right to remove our name from a textbook that we do not support. is meant, as the NCERT claims, then we should be free to reject this liberality.”

“If the names of this committee are reported as a matter of record, as claimed in this statement, it should also be put on record that we do not accept the current edition of the book. The continuation of our names inside creates a false impression of support, and we have every right to disapprove of this indictment,” he said.

The signed letter introducing each book clearly identifies the two as its “authors,” the statement said.

“How can we be compelled to introduce a textbook which we no longer recognize? Certainly, if the NCERT can get the experts to make the desired changes, it can publish their names. NCERT Main Can’t hide behind our names as mentors. Please remove our names. Names from textbooks that were once a source of pride for us, but are now a source of shame.”

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