Cricket World Cup 2023: What New Zealand Need To Do To Oust Pakistan, Afghanistan And Set-Up Semi-Final Clash With India

The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 is at its deep end. There is only spot left for the semi-finals. The race-is three way with New Zealand, Pakistan and Afghanistan fighting to play India in the semis. New Zealand play Sri Lanka on Thursday and a win should be enough to take them to the semis. New Zealand finds themselves in a precarious position, currently occupying the fourth spot in the race for the semi-finals. However, their place in the knockout stages is far from secure, as they are only ahead of Pakistan and Afghanistan on net run rate.

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Netherlands, on the other hand, has bid farewell to their hopes of making it to the semi-finals after suffering a defeat at the hands of England. This loss has effectively eliminated them from contention, leaving only New Zealand, Pakistan, and Afghanistan competing for the fourth and final spot in the knockouts.

For New Zealand to secure their place in the semi-finals, they must emerge victorious against Sri Lanka in their upcoming match. A win would allow them to finish with 10 points, thus bolstering their chances of progression. However, if they were to falter against Sri Lanka, their fate would hinge on the results of the matches involving Pakistan and Afghanistan.

In the scenario where New Zealand loses to Sri Lanka, they would require both Pakistan and Afghanistan to suffer defeats in their respective matches. Additionally, New Zealand would need to maintain a better net run rate than their rivals to secure the coveted fourth spot.

The competition is intense, as Pakistan has recently drawn level with New Zealand on eight points but still trails behind on net run rate. Both Pakistan and Afghanistan are eager to seize the opportunity and secure their place in the semi-finals.

As the tournament progresses, each team’s path to qualification becomes increasingly clear. Pakistan’s best chance for qualification involves defeating England and relying on specific outcomes in other matches. The stakes are high, and the teams are prepared to give it their all to claim a spot in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup semi-finals.

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