Delhi High Court Orders Centre To Release Scholarship Of EWS Student Along With Costs Of Rs 50,

The Delhi High Court has directed the Center to pay within eight weeks the “cost” of Rs 50,000 to a DU student who was denied the third installment of the annual scholarship awarded by the Department of Science and Technology under its Inspire scheme. Pay

The court also ordered the Center to release the third installment of Rs 60,000 to the student along with 6 per cent annual interest.

The department, working under the Ministry of Science and Technology, offered the Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE) scholarship to the student in January 2017. To be eligible for this, students must be in the top 1 percentile of their respective. Board, in class XII.

In this case, the student belonging to the economically weaker section was paid the scholarship amount for the first two years, but his scholarship was stopped for the third year. The Center had claimed that a student’s CGPA in core subjects should be at least 6.0 to remain eligible under the scheme.

The court rejected the Centre’s stand and said there was no doubt in the guidelines that the requirement of 6.0 CGPA was in aggregate and not in core subjects. The student’s transcripts showed that his CGPA for first and second semesters was 7.45 and for third and fourth semesters was 6.32, which was above the required limit.

“There is no mention in the post-offer implementation guidelines for scholars or the INSPIRE scheme that 6.0 CGPA is required in core subjects. Thus, denial/non-grant of scholarship to the petitioner (student) is totally unacceptable. is,” the court said.

Justice Pratibha M Singh noted that the decision of the Center not to release the third installment resulted in the student having to leave his studies after B.Sc.

“In the overall facts and circumstances of the case, considering that the annual scholarship for the petitioner was Rs.60,000/-, the third year scholarship amount i.e. Rs.60,000/- is directed to be released to the petitioner along with simple interest of 6%. Further 50,000 is also awarded to the petitioner. The said amount shall be paid by the respondents. The amount shall be released within a period of eight weeks,” the court said in a recent order.

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