Dollar tree customer feedback survey: Win $1000 or $1500

The Dollar Tree customer feedback survey is your super chance to win $1000 or $1500 worth prizes from Dollar Tree. All you need to do is take the Dollar tree customer feedback survey to win the prizes.

The Dollar tree customer satisfaction survey lets you share your thoughts with Dollar Tree. You can even share your complaints with Dollar Tree by taking the Dollar Tree customer feedback survey.

If you love going to Dollar tree in search of your desired goods at a very discounted price and you have something to share with them, The Dollar tree feedback survey is your gateway.

This post will help you get all the information about the Dollar tree feedback, like the Dollar tree survey rules, Prizes, how you can take the Dollar tree customer survey and all.

What is the Dollar tree customer feedback survey all about and who should participate in it?

The Dollar Tree customer feedback survey is all about the Dollar tree customers. Yes, the Dollar Tree survey lets you share your deepest thoughts with the store.

This includes things like the staff behavior, the product and services. The survey will have set of questions that you must answer. The questions won’t be difficult. It is used as a means to collect feedback on their products and services. This helps Dollar Tree to measure customer satisfaction level and improve on their major loopholes.

If you are a Dollar tree customer who wants to share feedback than the Dollar tree survey is best platform for you.

Requirements for the Dollar tree customer satisfaction survey

To take the Dollar tree customer satisfaction survey online, you must have:

  • A laptop, mobile or pc with internet connectivity.
  • A Dollar tree purchase receipt.

How to participate in the Dollar tree feedback survey

To participate in the Dollar tree feedback survey online, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Visit the official Dollar tree feedback survey website:
  2. Enter the details asked.
  3. From your Dollar tree receipt enter the data like the date and time of your visit, the store number and the dollar tree survey invite code.
  4. Then click on next or begin to proceed to the dollar tree survey.
  5. Once you do all this, the dollar tree survey questions will be presented to you.
  6. The survey questions will all bee based on your dollar tree visit experiences, the products and the overall satisfaction.
  7. At the end you can also provide your feedback.
  8. Once you complete the survey questions, submit your contact info like phone number, email Id, address etc.
  9. Make sure you don’t give a invalid data.
  10. Enter the Dollar tree sweepstakes.
  11. You will be notified of the winnings via mail or the contact info you provided.

How to send your complaints/feedback to Dollar tree?

You can also share your survey, complaints or feedback to Dollar Tree by sending them a mail at

[Enter Month/Year]Mail-In Entry, c/o EMPATHICA DAILY SWEEPSTAKES, c/o [Dollar Tree Feedback]

511 Avenue of the Americas, #40, New York, NY, 10011.

or you can also contact Dollar Tree customer service for help or queries.

Facts about Dollar Tree.

Dollar tree is also known as $1, as it is famous for products less than $1. It’s one of the best discount stores in the United States. You can visit Dollar tree online, and have a look at their products and services by visiting


The Dollar Tree feedback survey is best for people who want to share their feedback and complaints to Dollar Tree about their products and services. You also get a chance to win $1000 or $1500 for taking the survey. It’s just a matter of few minutes and you get to have a great win from Dollar tree.


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