Easiest Way To Get Traffic For Your Website

Post ranking is not an easy task when there is a lot of competition. If your post will not rank then you will not get any views or traffic and that leads to de-motivation. Traffic is very important for blogging otherwise there is no point in writing and sharing high-quality things when nobody is going to view or read them. There are many different ways to get traffic but today I am going to talk about the easiest way. Just keep one thing in mind there is no way using which you can get thousands of views in a day instantly.

Why traffic is very important? It helps in ranking and it helps you to generate income by placing a lot of ads or by using affiliate marketing. Now I will tell you about some of the easiest ways to get traffic by using paid as well as a free method. There is no guarantee that these methods will work for sure it depends on you too but I can assure you that if you will take it seriously then it will work and you will get good results. If you are ready then let me tell you some easy ways that you can try to get traffic.


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1. Low Competition Keywords

Before writing a post you should search for the keyword with high search volume and low competition. You shouldn’t focus on high competition keywords, it is easy hard to beat top sites. Focus on a long time running keywords so that you can get traffic lifetime. You can do keyword research using different tools by searching on Google. Keyword search is important if you want to get organic traffic.

2. Write Guest Post

Guest post is not a hard thing to do. You have to write the post for other blogs and in return, they give you backlinks. Backlinks help in ranking, you should try to backlinks from high domain authority websites. Many websites provide a guest post option where you can submit your post then the owner will review your post. The owner can approve or reject your post. You can search for many guest post-writing websites online.

3. YouTube channel

This is the best and free way to get traffic. It depends upon your blog niche too. You can upload a short of some product on YouTube and then you can provide a link in the comment box or description, it will increase your website traffic and on top of that, you can earn through affiliate marketing. If you upload some sort of downloadable content then you can also do the same process. Shorts get views instantly so this is the best and easiest way to get traffic instantly. You just need to upload regularly and then you will see some good results.

Not only short videos you can also create long videos too if your video will get a good amount of views then almost half of the viewers will surely open your post link.

4. Ads

This is paid method but you can get traffic instantly by running advertisements. You can promote your website on Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook, etc. You can also promote your website or a particular post by giving money to video creators or influencers. For example, you write a post on how to earn money online then you can pay a video creator to promote your that post in this video. This method works for sure but takes a lot of money too.

Instagram is cheap, you can run ads for a day in just 80rupees, which is very cheap. You can easily get good reach and impressions.

5. Social Media

This is a pretty easy task for you. You just have to create accounts on different social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can use different trending hashtags to get more reach. You can put your website link in your profile or bio. If your niche is related to gaming then you can provide regular gaming news and updates then you can post them on your social media account.


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6. Use Quora

Quora is a website where people posts their question and those who have knowledge related to that question answer. You can find a large number of questions of different categories like gaming, animation, education, tech, etc. Start to search for the questions that you can answer. Try to at least answer 5-6 questions per week. Answer every question correctly. It will not give you a very large amount of traffic but whenever someone will search some questions then your answers will be visible to them so it is a way to get traffic for a long time.

Not only quora there are many different types of websites available just like Quora where you can answer questions too. So you can search for them.

7. Collaboration

You can collaborate with different bloggers to increase your traffic. Collaboration can be free or paid depending on the owner of the different sites. It’s not an easy task to do, most people refused to collaborate. So you can try to contact different bloggers.

8. Conduct Giveaway

Everyone likes giveaways, if you can do giveaways then it can easily help you to get a good amount of traffic. If you are a gamer then you can host famous games giveaways. Gamers will surely participate in it and you can also create a short or reel related to the giveaway and how people can participate in it.

9. Update Posts

If you had written a post a long time ago but now it becomes old or outdated then you can update your content so that you can get good views because if your content gets old and outdated then people avoid reading it even if it ranks. Always keep your posts up to date if possible otherwise you can write new posts and can put links of new posts in old posts because it is not possible to update each post regularly.

So these were the ways to increase traffic for your blog websites. These methods may be easy for some people and maybe hard too. Follow the way which you like the most.






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