Formula 1 racer Max Verstappen’s Dassault-made private jet is PURE luxury: Check pics

Max Verstappen is known for his F1 titles, and is clearly fond of fast machines. However, the affection for such machines is not limited to just four wheels, but extends to two wings as well. Revealing that love, the Japanese Grand Prix winner has a smart-painted Dassault Falcon 900EX registered as PH-DTF. The plan is over 13 years old based on data provided by Planlogger and entered services as VT-CAP in July 2009. However, according to Boss Hunting, the jet arrived at the F1 star’s sanctuary in late 2020.

Max Verstappen Private Jet: Price

The article states that the purchase price of the jet, which it obtained from Virgin Atlantic’s creator Sir Richard Branson, has not been made public. However, estimates claim it was between $12.5 and $15.5 million. The aircraft has been registered as PH-DTF with effect from January 2021.

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Max Verstappen reportedly used his new wings to travel every race in the 2021 Formula 1 season. It should be noted that the season ended with him receiving the right to be called the world champion for the first time. According to Boss Hunting, it has an annual expense of about $2 million (based on 500 annual hours).

Max Verstappen Private Jets: Inside

Given that it has its own bar, as Sporting Excitement points out, Verstappen’s plane may be the grandest in terms of amenities. Additionally, two of its twelve seats can be tilted together to form a single bed.

The airplane excels in areas other than comfort as well. The Dassault Falcon 900EX is actually a unique variation of the French manufacturer’s original Falcon 900 aircraft. Last month, when we examined different variants of this family, we found the 900EX to be a long-range variety with a maximum range of 8,340 km (4,501 nm).

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