From Humble Beginnings To Billionaire Brilliance: The Epic Journey Of A Businessman Who Forged A ₹17,000 Crore Empire From A Small Shop

New Delhi: Do you know who is Kishore Biyani? Whatever your reaction, you must be familiar with Pantaloons and Big Bazaar. Chief Executive Officer (CEO), founder of Future Group and creator of the Indian retail marketplace “Big Bazaar”, Kishore Biyani, is the subject of this success story.

Who is Kishore Biyani?

One of the successful Indian businessmen who developed the idea of ​​retail supermarket is the retail tycoon Kishore Biyani. Biyani’s success story started from a small booth, then it went online and became an omnichannel retail company.

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His story shows how those ideas were carried forward as he was quick to conceptualize them. Kishore is the builder of businesses like Future Group, Big Bazaar and Pantaloon Retail.

Kishore Biyani: Early Life

Kishore Biyani graduated from HR College on August 9, 1961 with a degree in commerce. He was born in a middle-class business family in Nimbi Jodha, Rajasthan. Because of the importance of business in his family—which began with his grandfather—he placed less emphasis on academics than business.

He spent a lot of time investigating the flow of his family business and retail stores. After graduation he joined Bansi Silk Mills, a company that traded in cloth but had a poor work culture. As a result, he went out to inspect the market and identified the popular items, which were actually trousers made of “stone-washed” cloth.

Kishore Biyani: The Entrepreneurial Journey

His first foray into entrepreneurship began with the establishment of a trouser store, a neighborhood mill and fabric. This is how he started the initial phase of his entrepreneurial success story.

When men’s trousers were in style, Kishore introduced his own line of clothes with the slogan “WBB – White, Brown and Blue”. Due to the high demand, over 30,000 to 40,000 meters of cloth were sold every month.

It was here that Pantaloons started a brand new clothing manufacturing business under the name “Man’s Wear Pvt Ltd”. Pantaloon is similar to the Italian fashion business pantaloon and mostly represents the Urdu word for trousers.

Manz Ware gradually gained momentum and expanded to other states. Goa was the starting point and from there it spread all over the country.

Kishore Biyani: Personal Life

At the age of 22, Biyani married Sangeeta Rathi. Two children Ashni and Avni were born to the couple. The group’s invention comes from their daughter Ashni, who studied textile design at Parsons in New York and graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

Avni also joined New York University to study Sociology. He followed several unsuccessful career paths, including running a business, organizing dance festivals, and becoming a film producer.

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