Galaxy Z Flip5 Leaks: Samsung to bring larger cover display, invisible crease; Check details

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 News: Samsung is working on making its Galaxy Z Flip5 more user friendly and attractive. To do so, the South Korean tech giant is reportedly working to fix two of the main issues people had with the Z Flip4. According to reports, the Galaxy Z Flip5 will come with a much larger display. This was reported by GSMArena with reference to Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, who has been a more accurate tipster about this sort of thing in the past.

According to the report, the smartphone will apparently measure around 3.3″ to 3.4″, which is an order of magnitude higher than the 1.9″ screen users currently get on the Flip 4. For what it’s worth, Oppo’s upcoming Find N2 Flip, There’s a direct competitor. As for Samsung’s Flip line, the One has leaked with a larger external display of its own and while that clearly dwarfs the Flip 4’s display, the Flip 5 will top its rumored 3.26″ size. Can catch up and even overtake it.

The inner screen is also due to get an upgrade, according to Young, and that’s in the crease department. Notably, the Flip5 is said to sport a new hinge design that will reduce the visibility of the seams.

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On the other hand, Samsung is also working on making its fingerprint more secure. According to reports, Samsung is working on a technology that will make fingerprint logins 2.5 billion times more secure in 2025. The new technology will enable the entire OLED screen to scan multiple fingerprints at once, instead of using a tiny scanner that can read a single fingerprint. At the same time.

It was reported by SamMobile. Samsung has already announced that it is developing an all-in-one fingerprint sensing solution for next-generation OLED 2.0 displays. In the future, users using Galaxy devices won’t have to worry about getting their fingerprints in the right places on the screen. The entire screen could act as a fingerprint scanner with OLED 2.0 and future all-in-one fingerprint scanning solutions.

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