Google Doodle Contest Invites Schoolchildren To Picturise ‘My India’ In Next 25 Years

Google Doodle Contest: India is celebrating 75 years of its independence. India became independent on 15 August 1947, ending almost 200 years of British rule. In a quarter century from now, the country will turn 100, and people from all walks of life have a certain vision and expectation of how India will develop and look 25 years from now. To mark the occasion, search engine giant Google has announced a doodle contest for school children, inviting them to draw a doodle on the theme “In 25 years, my India will be…”.

“Like you, India is getting bigger and brighter every day,” Google said in a message to children: “So this year our theme invites you to share what India will look like in the next 25 years. Your hopes And dreams can help shape the future of the country.”

Asking children to imagine what they want to see in the future, whether it’s a space station on Mars or anything else they’ll invent for the country, the note said: “As you grow Yes, India grows with you. May your hopes and dreams help shape you. The future of the nation. So what would you like to see India achieve in the next 25 years?”

The contest is open, and entries will be accepted until 9 p.m. on September 30th.

How to Participate in the Google Doodle Contest

Entries for the Doodle Contest are to be submitted by a parent, guardian or teacher of a child attending a school or non-profit. To enter the doodle, a form has to be filled with all the details about the student (name, class group, city/town/village etc.) and school/non-fit. Doodles can be made directly on the form or on a separate sheet of paper using any material of choice. Multiple entries can be sent.

While submission of entries online is recommended, they can also be sent through postal mail.

Mailers must take a printout of the form and carefully attach the doodle with glue or clear tape, and send it to the address given on the website. All entries require a title and a description and a parent/guardian’s signature.

Submitters of online entries should take a high resolution photo of the doodle in good lighting, and the file should be in .png or .jpeg format.

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