Health Ministry Revises CGHS, OPD Rates, Makes Referral Process Easier

New Delhi: TThe Central Government has announced two major changes in the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) under ‘Health Protection’ which will be beneficial for central employees. It increased the packaged rates linked to CGHS after receiving demands from various stakeholders. This decision will increase the burden on the exchequer of the central government between Rs 240 crore to Rs 300 crore.

Rates have not been revised since 2014.

Revised CGHS Rates

The Central Government has increased the CGHS rates of consultation fee for OPD/IPD from Rs.150 to Rs.350. Rs.5,400) including accommodation for all wards.

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Similarly, the room rent has been increased by one and a half times to Rs 1500, Rs 3000 and Rs 4500.

Referral process made easy

The government has simplified the referral process by allowing the use of video calls. Earlier, the beneficiary had to personally visit the CGHS Wellness Center to get referral to the hospital.

In case the beneficiary is unable to visit the CGHS Wellness Centre, he/she can send someone to that location to obtain a referral. The medical officer will see the document before allowing the beneficiary to be taken to the hospital through referral.

Also, the government has allowed video call option for referrals to facilitate the process, especially at a time when these options are easily available to the public.

According to government data, CGHS has over 44 lakh beneficiaries and has over 338 allopathic and 103 AYUSH system centers across the country.

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