Website data stores every information and files of your website. Your data, your users data, your files, your login details and the most important thing for the bloggers, their Posts.

It is very important for you to have a backup of your website, in case your web hosting goes down or your server got hacked. If your data is lost then all your website files, including the posts you have given so much time and hard work to write, will suddenly disappear. And I don’t think anyone would ever want that.

So it is very important to have a website backup ready to tackle the problem of your server getting down.

Every individual who has a website knows it — backups are significant, and we should all have all around laid information backup techniques set up. Tragically, it appears to be that a few of us don’t generally make enough backups, less actually are the individuals who have a strong backup system. While it is an ugly result, the truth of the matter is that information can get lost. Furthermore, when your business relies upon the information you store, gather, and distribute, losing is anything but an alternative. While driving web facilitating suppliers offer backup arrangements, it isn’t generally their privilege. Guaranteeing a viable backup methodology is the obligation of the site proprietor.

Along these lines, on the off chance that you lose information, and individuals who’ve been in the business long enough will likewise reveal to you that sooner or later, the onus of recuperation of this information is really on you, the website proprietor. In view of that, how about we investigate how to back up your website, how every now and again you need to do it, and what kind of methodology may enable you to best.

Now let us understand what is a Backup of a website,


On the off chance that you have had your website for one year and you take a full backup today, the put away website is the present website. One year from now, if your website falls flat and the present backup is the just a single accessible, you will lose a whole year’s information. That incorporates new content, pages, pictures, recordings, websites — everything!

For certain websites, content is all that they do regarding promoting. Along these lines, losing contacts might just imply that you’ve lost your central showcasing apparatus. The essence of the issue here is that backups can’t be a one-time issue. You have to have a thorough backup methodology for your website.

Now I think you must have gotten an idea of “what is a website backup?”

Let us see how to backup a website.


There are two ways to backup your website data- One is Manual backup and the other is Automatic backup. Let us see both of them one by one


It’s a definitive low-tech backup technique. Basically, you download all the information on your website to a neighborhood PC. At the point when information is lost, you utilize your backup to get your website fully operational.

The upside of this strategy is that you needn’t bother with any product for it. You don’t require a ton of specialized skill. It’s a pretty basic method of going about it.

Notwithstanding, there are drawbacks. One, you need to do it over and over. Likewise, in the event that you have a media-substantial website, downloading it will require significant investment and transmission capacity.

Additionally, you can’t download changed or altered documents solely. In this way, suppose that you added a couple of credits toward the finish of a video on your website. Its absolutely impossible to download that only. This implies that you’ll need to download everything once more.

At last, there’s space and association. You’ll require heaps of the previous and significantly a greater amount of the last to monitor all the various renditions that you’ve downloaded.


Programmed backup, as the name recommends, is a method of sponsorship up your website and its substance with no impedance from you. All parts of backups, from making records to putting away them safely, is dealt with by the product.

Inside programmed backup, there are a few kinds of uses that are accessible. Some offer total robotization while others adopt a more crossover strategy, in that they require negligible human mediation.

The bit of leeway is self-evident — you don’t need to get included. Contingent upon the product, that you may should simply introduce the application.

The burden is straightforward — these applications cost cash.

The most easy and widely used method for backing up website data for beginners is the Automatic backup. Almost every big hosting company provider provides you the option to enable automatic backups that will create a backup of your website automatically in a certain time period of time like, once in a month or once in a week. You can contact your web hosting provider to ask more about this function. Some provide it for free while some charge some extra money for it. You can ask directly your web hosting provider to get more details.

I hope with this you are now able to get your website backup easily

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