How To Choose Best Hosting For your WordPress Website?

For creating a WordPress website the first thing that comes is to buy hosting. When you will search for hosting then you will find out that there are hundreds of companies that are providing hosting plans at different rates. Many people choose any random hosting without looking for anything because they get it at a cheap price. If you want good hosting then just read this post till the end and you will find out what features you should look for in your hosting plan.

There are many things that you should check like how much traffic your site is going to get? And What type of content you will write? If you will write normal content then it will not consume more space but if you write content with a lot of media in it then it consumes more space.


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Features you should look in a web hosting-

1. Good performance

Performance depends on the RAM, CPU and Disk. If possible then choose a hosting plan with SSD storage type because it is faster than a normal HDD. The use of RAM and storage depends upon the type of content you write. If your website receives extremely high traffic than normal then it can ultimately make your website slow and even can crash it. Instead of looking for very big storage, you should look for the amount of RAM and storage type they are providing. If you want to check how much RAM and storage your website is using then you can find it on your Cpanel dashboard.

2. Uptime Guarantee

Almost every hosting company promises that it will provide 99.99 uptime. In most cases they provide you but if you will choose any random cheap hosting without doing any research then there is no uptime guarantee. If hosting will remain down for longer then it will affect your site by increasing the bounce rate. So compare a hosting plan of one company with another to choose wisely.

3. 24/7 Customer Support

If you are only going to do normal blogging without shifting from one host to another then maybe the customer support does not matter for you. Same as uptime guarantee, almost every hosting plan promise 24/7 support, but only a few famous names provides it. A small hosting provider also provides it too but the guy that provides the support does not have the proper knowledge about many things. The hosting provider can provide support in many ways like by calling, live chat, e-mail or tickets. Well, don’t get fooled they say that they provide calling support but they may not answer your call when you needed the most. So again if possible choose a famous hosting provider.

4. Location of the server

If you get traffic from the USA but your hosting server location is in India then your website will take a longer time to load than usual because the server is far away so it will take time to respond to it. First of all, find out you’re targeted audience country then choose the nearest hosting server if available. If your hosting plan has free CDN then it is good because CDN stores your website data in more than one location and whenever someone tries to open your web page, it sends a request to the nearest server and then the page loads faster than earlier.

5. Backup and Security

If your website gets hacked or due to some issues you lose some data then you need to restore it as soon as possible. If the security will be good then there will be fewer chances of hacking. You can find out their history about how many times they have been hacked. In search of cheap hosting don’t take risks with the security of your WordPress website.

After looking for all these you may be confused because there are many different types of hosting available let’s talk about them.


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Types of Hosting

1. Shared Hosting

It is the cheapest hosting and all beginner starts with it. Anybody can easily afford it. It cannot hold large traffic because it shares a single server with hundreds of websites if any website will receive larger traffic then it can affect the performance of your website too. If the whole server gets overloaded then it can crash your website but don’t worry it does not happen in most cases. In shared hosting, one server divides RAM and storage into many different parts means you are only using a small part of a server.

2. VPS Hosting

It stands for a virtual private server, it is more secure than shared hosting. Even here you are in sharing with other people but it gives more freedom and you almost experience like you are using a dedicated server. It can handle larger traffic than shared hosting and at the same time, it costs higher than shared hosting.

3. Dedicated Server

As the name says, here you will get a full dedicated server. It is extremely costly and only for those who receive extremely large traffic. You can fully control anything and your website will rarely go down. The dedicated server is generally used by big bloggers because they target big audiences and they also run multiple sites at the same time.

4. WordPress Managed Hosting

If you don’t want to involve in doing many things and just want to concentrate on writing quality content then managed hosting is best for you. They automatically regularly run security checks, take backups and more means fully managed. If you are a new blogger then you can create your first WordPress website by using managed hosting. It is also a shared hosting but the difference is that it is managed.

All the newbies should go with managed hosting because here you don’t need to be worried about different things so you can focus on writing content.


Before choosing any hosting provider you should search about public reviews and you should compare different plans of different companies with each other. At the last, it depends upon your uses like Storage, RAM and many other things that we already discussed above. So choose wisely.

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