How To Get Adsense Approval Fast?

If you are new and never get AdSense approval then it may seem like the world’s hardest task for you. But if we see normally then it is not that hard. After getting AdSense approval it will be an easy task for you. Adsense is the best way for the blogger to generate revenue. You can also earn from other ways too like affiliate marketing but all the new bloggers see Adsense as their greatest revenue source and once you will get good traffic then you can earn decent revenue.

Before starting earnings who have to take approval so all the new bloggers if you want to get Adsense approval fast then don’t worry. Today I am going to share some tips which you can follow to get approval fast.

1. Quality Content

If you are already writing high-quality posts then it is good but if you are not writing then start writing now. Google will not allow any website that is providing bad content or just doing copy and paste. High-quality content means content that is providing some value to the people. They are getting some sort of knowledge from your post or it is really helpful for the reader. In starting you have to focus on writing high-quality content, once you will get Adsense approval then you can change your content or niche. Just forget about shortcuts if you want to earn money.


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2. Write At least 20 Post

Before sending for Adsense approval, you should at least need to write 20 posts. Try to write more than 1000 words, Google will consider your post more valuable. Even after sending for approval, you should continue to main your consistency, this will show to Google that you are serious about blogging so it ultimately increases your chances to get the approval of Google Adsense fast.

3. Create Contact Us and About Pages

If you visit some website and you want to contact them so you will look for the contact us page right. Sometimes you also want to know about the site and who is managing it. Just like this Google check your transparency with the reader, if you will create a Contact us and about us page, it will make more website more legit. Always provide working contact details and you can also create a contact form where people can directly deliver their messages to you. With every step, you will get closer to getting Adsense approval.

4. Create a privacy policy and disclaimer pages

Now you will think about how we can create these pages so don’t get worried guys, it’s too easy. All you need to do is to search on Google for different generators. They will just ask for a few things like website name, URL, country, state, etc. and boom! your page is ready, now you have to copy it and paste it by creating a new page. You can also create a terms and conditions page too. After creating all these pages on your website, your website is almost ready to send for Adsense approval.

5. Don’t use a copyrighted image

Just imagine that you wrote a big high-quality content after researching for a whole day and someone just copy it and paste it on his website how will you feel? Of course, you will get angry. So just to prevent this thing Google doesn’t approve blog websites that use a copyrighted image. Most people just search images on Google and use it. So stop doing that, instead of using images directly from Google you can use non-copyright images. There is a lot of free sites available which provide non-copyrighted images. There is paid website too. You can create your image by yourself instead of searching from Google. Creating images is not a big deal, you can create them easily on your smartphone too by using some applications.

6. Don’t write unwanted or restricted content

You can’t take approval by any type of content. Some people thought that they can write on any adult or gambling-related content. So don’t do this, Google doesn’t promote this kind of stuff. Google always review sites and approve only website that is advertisement friendly. So writing unwanted content just decrease your chances of getting approved. You can read about other rules related to it on Google. I can’t cover everything in just a single blog post.

7. Age of Blog website

This thing doesn’t matter in most of the countries but it matters a lot in India and China. Just to get maximum profit, they someone misuse their Adsense approved website. Many fraud websites also use Google Adsense as a major source of their earnings. Your website at least needs to be 6 months old to get Adsense approval. Till 6 months you have to maintain consistency to show Google that you are serious about blogging and it creates trust also. So if you planned for that you will approval in 1 month then just forget about it.

8. Don’t use other ads network

Before trying for Adsense approval if you are using any other ads network then remove all the ads from your website. There are many ads network available but not all of them are suitable to work with Google Adsense. You can try to use some Adsense-friendly ads network after getting Adsense approval. But till then just avoid using any other ads network. Your one and the only aim should be Google Adsense.

9. Your age should be 18 or above

If your age is less than 18 then just forget about approval. For getting approval your age at least need to be 18. If you are very good at blogging and your blog website meets all the criteria then you can use someone other or your parent’s identity. Google confirms the address and identity so don’t use anything fake otherwise you can face issues in the future while receiving payment from Adsense.

10. Create categories and menus

It helps the reader to find your post more easily if you categorized them. It saves a lot of time and it makes your website more reader-friendly.


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All the steps that I covered, just follow all these tips. This will help you in getting approval fast. Avoid violating any kind of Adsense Rule. If you will follow each step carefully it will increase your chances of getting approval by 90%.

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