How to Improve Your Pencil Sketching Skills? Some tips to improve your Sketching Skills!

If you are struggling in Pencil Sketching and no matter how hard you try, your pencil sketches just won’t become good, then this post is for you! Here we are with some tips that can for sure help you to improve your sketching skills, if not drastically then a little bit for sure!



Well obviously, in Pencil Sketching, the Pencil is the most important tool, and you need to master it to hold it properly. By holding the pencil properly and mastering its grip, you’ll surely see a major difference in your sketch.

The primary thing about pencil drawing is that you want to dominate the pencil grasp. You should figure out how to hold it accurately to augment its utility. At whatever point I draw I utilize the side of the lead rather than the tip. So when I’m covering enormous regions I conceal with my pencil opposite to the line so I get wide and delicate lines. At the point when I draw more subtleties, I hold my pencil corresponding to lines so I will get sharp and restricted imprints. Just when I’m dealing with mind-boggling subtleties I utilize the place of the pencil.


By taking control of the width/weight of the line you can create different effects in your sketch, like 2D or 3D effects.

The following thing you should find out with regards to pencil drawing is controlling the line weight. Having control will assist you with isolating articles from each other and will assist you with putting a highlight on the shadows. The ticker lines can fade or disappear into the shadows which can assist with communicating the 3D structure. I never outline my pencil drawings since it makes things look level and deadens the 3D effect.


By planning in Mind, what you are about to draw on paper, you can help yourself in drawing a significantly better sketch.

At whatever point I start with a pencil drawing, I plan and consistently attempt to avoid submitting too soon into hard, dark lines. With each and every advancement I realize that my lines will change, so I’m continually checking and reverifying my work. In the end, I darken my lines and add details. Never center around one specific region for a really long time so you will not overdraw. At the point when you need to draw a balanced attempt to zero in on the spaces hidden therein and continue to reconsider.

So these were the few tips which you can use to improve your pencil sketching, other things which you can keep in mind are, Recheck and Recheck your Sketch, Try to draw in different perspectives, know when your sketch is complete, etc.

Which one do you found out to be most useful? Let us know in the comment sectin below!

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