Website speed can be a important factor in your website SEO because if a website loads quickly, the user will stay longer on a page and search engine pushes such pages where users stay for a longer period of time but if a site is very slow and takes a lot of time to load, then any users would leave that site Immediately and search engines not like to rank such sides.

Gone are the days when a web client would stand by persistently for your site to load. As per information from Akamai, almost half of web clients anticipate that a webpage should load under 2 seconds, and they would forsake the website in the event that it neglected to load inside 3 seconds. Google also has fixed the noose by punishing sites with high load time. In case you’re a site proprietor and understanding this, you realize that a moderate site is terrible information for you.

Most instances of moderate page load is credited to hefty images on the site. While upgrading the images could help diminish the effect, they actually can amount to take up a huge lump of the absolute size of your site. So how would you shield guests on your site from ricocheting even before the entirety of your substance is loaded? The appropriate response is basic, by lazy loading images.


Lazy Loading empowers your site to load images when a guest looks down to the particular picture. This implies that in the event that a guest doesn’t get far on the page, at that point the images on the unviewed territories of the page won’t load. This restrictive loading of images guarantees that a great deal of data transmission is put something aside for both you and the client. You’ve presumably seen the lazy loading sorcery on famous locales like

With these you must have learnt “what is lazy loading” and you must have understood that it helps in increasing the website speed. But why website speed is so much important for website?, Let us see


There are 2 Most important reasons why Website speed is so much important to your website:

  • WEBSITE SPPED AFFECTS YOUR SEOGoogle began utilizing site speed as a positioning sign in their calculation path in 2010, and it keeps on filling in as one of the numerous elements that figure out where your website appears in the indexed lists.

    Site speed reflects how rapidly a website reacts to web demands.

    Speeding up websites is significant — to site proprietors, yet to all Internet clients. Quicker sites make upbeat clients and we’ve found in our inside investigations that when a site reacts gradually, guests invest less energy there.

    Google realizes that sending individuals to slow stacking websites can unleash destruction on the client experience, so it does not shock anyone that the hunt monster actually puts an incentive on location speed


When you get to a site that takes always to stack, how can that cause you to feel? In the event that you’re similar to the vast majority, at that point you likely experience a feeling identified with outrage or disappointment.

What’s more, when you’re on a site that causes you to feel irate or baffled, do you as a rule remain on that site? Most likely not.

All things being equal, you’d go to another site, isn’t that so?

The people who are exploring your items and administrations online right currently are the same. They don’t have the tolerance to lounge around trusting that a moderate site will appear on their cell phone or work area; they need everything right away. The more you make them pause, the more interest they lose in you.

In a recent report by Google, most cell phone clients were eager to hang tight to 5 seconds for a site to stack prior to proceeding onward to another site. Do you think people are pretty much patient today than they return in 2012?


  1. To begin with, you have to introduce the module BJ Lazy Load
  2. When enacted, you should visit the choice Settings >> BJ Lazy Load
  3. You can add lazy load to content, text gadgets, post thumbnails, images and gravatars
  4. You can add a custom picture to be utilized as a placeholder picture or leave it clear on the off chance that you need to utilize the default picture set by the module
  5. Snap on Save

I hope by applying these simple steps, the load time for your site must have reduced and your websites overall speed performance should have improved

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