How to Keep Teeths Healthy? Top 3 Natural ways to keep teeth Healthy!

Teeth are the strongest yet one of the most important parts of a human body, be it for its importance in chewing food and helping us stay alive or be its importance in overall looks for a person.

Teeth are indeed an important part of our human body and deserve to be taken care of! But often people overlook its importance and choose not to give much importance to their teeth.

And this careless behavior may cause some real trouble in the future, so if you do not wanna get caught in such a condition then follow these three 3 tips to keep your teeth white, shiny, and healthy for a long period of time.

But before we proceed towards the ways of keeping your teeth healthy, let us have a look at symptoms that might indicate the bad health of your teeth. If you can see any of the following symptoms in your teeth, then it’s about to speed up the care of your teeth my friend.


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This is the most common one, and almost everyone feels a strong sense of sensitivity towards either too hot or too cold edible items. Sensitivity is the most common indicator which tells you that your teeth are not in that good condition.


Another very common type of problem that people face is a strong sense of pain when they chew their food. If you feel the same pain too, then it means that your teeth are not in their healthiest form.


If your gums get a little too much red, then it might not be natural. The extra red color might be blood, which is obviously not so much of a healthy thing for your body. Reddish Gums are another strong indicator of bad teeth health condition.


What? Fever for having bad teeth? Really? Isn’t it getting too far?

Well, I know that it seems a little hard to believe, but it’s actually so true. If your teeth health gots bad towards a certain limit, then it can cause you fever, that too a serious fever. So it’s better to keep your teeth healthy than to get caught in serious fever, right?


If you feel difficulty in breathing, then my friend that is yet another indicator or symptom that indicates the bad health condition of your teeth.

I know it seems a little hard to believe, like how difficulty in breathing occurs due to bad health? There can be a lot of reasons that cause difficulty in breathing, and bad teeth health condition can a one of those reasons, it doesn’t necessarily need to be bad teeth health.

In short, if you feel difficulty in breathing then it might be possible that your teeth need good care.

So these were a few of the most common symptoms that indicate the bad health of your teeth, better keep checking yourself if you think that you might have not so much of healthy teeth.

Along with the above-mentioned ones, other symptoms might include, Swelling in the neck and jaw, bad smell, teeth pain, etc. If you feel like you might have any of them, then you should check your teeth that if they are totally healthy or not.


So by now, you all must be totally aware of the factors that might indicate the bad health of your teeth. Now let us have a look at the best 3 easy to follow measures that you can take for making your teeth healthy.


I know this a cliche advice and you must’ve heard it a lot of times from your parents or teachers, but trust me, it works!

Our teeth start to get Acidic as we eat food, but whenever we brush our teeth, it makes the mouth go neutral again since the nature of Toothpaste is Basic.

If we don’t brush for too long then it’ll make our teeth go more acidic and it can even make some of our teeth completely useless.

So it’s better to keep brushing our teeth regularly, and it would be even better if we are able to do it twice a day!

Also, you should remember that you need to brush regularly but not aggressively. Your mouth is a soft part of your body, be nice and gentle to it and brush your teeth not much aggressively.



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Any sort of sugar is a lot more harmful to teeth than any sort of food.

Sugar is a harmful substance for teeth as it increases the level of bacteria in your mouth, and this bacteria is harmful on such a scale that it even causes our teeth to decay.

Eating sugar actually creates a suitable environment for tooth decaying bacterias to grow and multiply quickly, that’s why it is recommended always to eat less or almost no sugary products if you want your teeth to be strong and healthy.

So it’s a wise and healthy decision for your teeth if you start to lower or almost completely stop the consumption of sugary beverages.

Sugary products include Soda drinks, Ketchup, Sports drinks, etc

Instead of sugary drinks, start drinking water instead! It’ll help you in both ways!


Yes, make sure to test and check your teeth regularly! As simple as it may sound but trust me, it’s a pretty useful thing to do.

Often we might not be able to discover some undergoing or upcoming problems with our teeth, but talking about regular health checkups can help us to identify before they start to rise.

So it’s quite a useful habit to adapt to, Whether quarterly or every 6 months, just make sure to see a dentist regularly.

That you’ll be able to find and even cure some upcoming problems that might have caused you trouble in the future.


So these were our three tips which you can apply to your daily lives to keep your teeth healthy!

Which one do you find to be most useful? Do let us know in the comment section!

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