How to Write Effective and Good Notes? Some tips to Write Good Notes!

While studying, taking notes is a must to do a thing! If you are a student right now, then you probably should already know what I am talking about!

To be honest, the best and the Perfect method of taking notes is by doing it yourself and doing it the way you like to do because the end goal of those notes is to make sure that you are able to learn topics from them, yes “YOU” those notes should be understandable to you.

So here are a few tips, which you apply while taking notes, so that your notes can become a little more effective.



Well, this point may sound a little stupid to a lot of people since the whole meaning of taking notes is to write down key points only.

But some people, while writing notes, just keep writing the whole long writing, they tend to write everything that their teacher is saying to them in the class. It is not how it works! You should only write what is totally and most important point, or what c\you can forget easily! Just write down only the main important key factors.

These key factors can be anything, like any formulas that you can forget easily or any important equations, etc.

Just make sure you are not writing the whole story in the notes.


If you have friends who are good at studying, or if the topper guy in your class is your friend then you can ask him how you should note down your notes! Generally, if the guy from whom you are asking for help is skilled in studying, then he can help you figure out on how you should write down your notes so that it becomes more effective for you to study with those notes.

You can ask him about some very little details, such as what to write? What not to write? How much to write? What to write first and What at the end?  What to draw and not! etc

If your friends or the topper guy of your class are nice, then they’ll surely help you to write down notes.


Yes, Play with them! Play with your notes! By this, I don’t mean that you should make your notes airplane and fly them in your classroom.

By this point, I mean that makes your notes fun and easy to understand by drawing some childish diagrams, like you can draw anything which you can remember for so long, or you can draw your favourite superhero and somehow relate that topic with that superhero, Are you getting it?

Like, try to somehow relate that topic to one of your things which you have little to no chances of forgetting, As I have said earlier, like relate it with your favourite superhero or your favourite cartoon character and then draw a drawing of the Superhero or the Cartoon characters and trust me this trick really helps.

By using this method, not only your notes will be easier to understand but you’ll also be able to learn things for a long period of time.

Well, these were a few tips, which might be helpful to you in writing your notes in a more effective way! Which one do you found out to be most useful? Let us know in the comment sections!


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