IIT Jodhpur Launches Cutting-Edge PG Diploma Program In Data Science And Engineering

IIT Jodhpur has launched a state-of-the-art Hybrid Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) program in Data Science and Engineering. Designed by top faculty at IIT Jodhpur in collaboration with industry experts, the program aims to bridge the talent gap in the sector and provide valuable skills and opportunities to the learners.

The 12-month intensive PG Diploma program offers a unique opportunity to the students to be a part of the respected IIT community and earn coveted IIT Alumni status. With a comprehensive curriculum encompassing 35 academic credits, the program focuses on practical industry-oriented learning.

The program includes over 300 hours of learning, including live online classes by renowned faculty members of IIT Jodhpur and masterclasses conducted by top industry experts. To further enhance the learning experience, students will get a chance to spend 30 days on campus.

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Courses cover a wide range of topics, including AutoML, assistive AI, scalability, and commercializing ML solutions. It aims to equip students with in-demand skills in Big Data, Cloud-based Data Engineering, MLOps, Machine Learning and AI. Real world projects will be integrated into the program to enable learners to apply their knowledge in practical scenarios.

The program, which is slated to commence on August 1, 2023, aims to meet the emerging needs of the industry and ensure that graduates are well prepared to meet the challenges of the data and analytics domain. By offering a comprehensive program that links data engineering and data science skills along with real-world industry use cases, IIT Jodhpur aims to shape the future leaders of the industry.

IIT Jodhpur Director Prof. Santanu Chowdhary expressed the institute’s commitment to bridging the talent gap in Data Science and Engineering. He highlighted the unique structure of the program which integrates academic expertise with real-world experiences to provide a holistic learning environment.

course description

PG Diploma in Data Science & Engineering is open to individuals with at least 2 years of experience in programming, software or technology domain. Applicants must have a relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree with a minimum percentage requirement.

On successful completion of the programme, graduates will receive IIT Jodhpur PG Diploma. Students will also have the opportunity to transfer their credits to the IIT-JM Tech program without the need for additional tests or screenings.

Enrollment for the program has begun, and the program fee is Rs 3.10 lakh.

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