Indian Army’s IMPRESSIVE engineering! Builds bridge on Indus River for vehicle movement – Watch Video

After years of hard work, the Indian Army shows impressive engineering prowess as it builds a bridge over the Indus River for vehicular movement. Recently, a video of the Indian Army’s South Western Command went viral on Twitter, with the clip showing years of hard work in a matter of seconds. Soldiers of Sapta Shakti Engineers can be seen performing the mega exercise by mechanically launching the bridging system across the Indus River for the movement of heavy vehicles. By the end of the video, heavy trucks can be seen crossing the river. Netizens soon flooded the comments section with positive comments.

The tweet by the Indian Army’s South Western Command read, “Bridging the Challenges – No Terrain Nor Away From Height” # Carrying out mobility tasks & training in Eastern Ladakh. Bridging the mighty Indus River, both in combat and logistics. Enabling movement.”

The South Western Command of the Indian Army has released a video of an exercise to build a bridge over the Indus River in eastern Ladakh. The Indian Army has an engineering corps that conducts such exercises to assess operational preparedness.

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This move multiplies existing bridging capability and becomes a major game-changer in support of mechanized operations during conflicts with our opponents.

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