Job Vs Blogging – What to choose?

Before heading to the main topic first, let’s talk about what is blogging?

When you write some article/post through a blogging platform then it is called blogging. Those who do the blogging mean the guy who is managing a whole blog website can be referred to as a blogger. There are many sites available for creating a blog/website but I am not going to talk about them because that is not our main topic. You can also try out Wix.

Job doesn’t need any introduction, every people are doing some kind of job to live their life. Even a little kid understands it. In our society, a person with a good job is seen as rich, happy, and getting the respect of everyone around.

Job or blogging, which you should choose? Well, I am not going to tell you which one you should choose but when you reach the end of this blog post you will be able to decide which one is better for you.  Jobs and blogging are good at their place and it’s a fact that blogging is also a job. Now let’s compare both.


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1. Monthly Salary/Income-

In Job, you get your salary every month. Salary does not increase every month but you can do overtime for more money. You have to wait until next year for your salary increment and even then you will get a small increment but if you work at a big company then maybe you can get a good increment. But still, you cannot earn more even if you work hard because your salary is fixed. You can’t take a holiday whenever you want and you have to follow your boss if you are not a boss. You have a follow the rules of the company and even sometimes, your boss can scold you for some reason. But if you already get a good salary and work at good or big companies then maybe it doesn’t matter to you.

In blogging, you don’t get any type of monthly income. Now you will say that what do you mean by this? I just mean that when you start your blog website and start to write a blog post, you don’t earn any money. You have to work hard, you have to work in getting views by ranking your post which is not an easy task.

Blogging is a time taking process it can take up to 1 year or more to start earning from a blog properly. Here I am talking about pure blogging, if you are an influencer then getting traffic will not be hard for you. Once you started to get a good amount of traffic then you will realize the true potential of blogging. You can earn 10 times more than a normal job salary or even more. After getting the proper experience you can run multiple blog websites. Blogging has some risks too like if you lose your ranking and views then 10 times more income can become less than a normal job income. But don’t worry, when you will get experience and knowledge of everything then you will not think about it.

2. Workplace

In a job, you have to go to your office or company or factory means wherever you work. There is a proper time of arriving and leaving at the workplace. You can’t get late. You can’t do your job by sitting at home. If you get late then get ready to scold by your seniors. But overall doing work at the company or factory is better because you get to meet with different types of people it makes your communication skills better. You are surrounded by a work environment and you do your job perfectly.

In Blogging, there is no workplace, if you are a big blogger then you can create a workplace and even you can hire people but most blogger works alone at their home. You can manage your blog from anywhere in the world. You don’t need to follow any time. You don’t need to follow any rules and regulations means if you write 1 post in 2 days then you can do research in 1 day and you can write a post the next day. You have full flexibility of timing.

3. Popularity

In jobs, you won’t get popularity until you work at higher post at big and famous companies. You may know a lot of people but that does not mean that they like you or want to follow you. You only know them just like we people who each other. You never get recognition in the job.

In blogging, when you become a blogger then people know you, they visit your blog to seek information, and if you provide accurate and good knowledge they might follow you on social media platforms. They know you because of your knowledge, you get recognition from them and you may become an inspiration to some of them. After that, you can share your experience with them too.

4. Selling

If you do a job, then you can’t sell it to other people at any cost because of course it is not possible. You can just leave for a job if you want.

If you are a blogger then you can sell your blog website whenever you want, if you have an old and good blog website which have a good ranking you can sell it at a high rate too. You might think that why will someone buy it. It’s simple, creating and ranking a website takes time and if someone gets this thing without doing any work then he will buy it because he can make even more money than the price he buys.

5. Work lifetime

In a job, you have to take retirement after a particular age. You can’t do the job forever but if you are a business then you may do it for a long time but now we are talking about the job. After retirement, you can’t hand over the job to other members of the family.

In blogging, you can do it till any age it depends on you. You can do blogging just by sitting at a place so you can continue to do it even at old age and even if you don’t want to continue, you can sell it or hand it over to someone other in your family.


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6. Education

To get a job in a company you at least needed 10th pass mark sheet and after that, you works at a low salary. If you are highly educated then you can easily find highly paid jobs whereas people with less education don’t get jobs easily.

In blogging, you don’t need an education certificate. All you need is an internet connection and a device. Even if you are less educated but have proper knowledge and experience of blogging then you can earn more income than the manager that works at a company.


It is now up to you which one you like. You can do blogging along with your job and once you get traffic and experience you can switch to full-time blogging. Before jumping into blogging first get deep knowledge related to the blogging field. Now, if you are aware of everything listen to your heart and do whichever you like. Just keep one thing in mind- Fame, name and money never come by working only one day it takes time, you may make mistakes but learn from them and rise.




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