Kolkata: Presidency University Students Start Week-Long Protest Against Code Of Conduct Draft

Students of Kolkata’s Presidency University on Monday began a week-long protest against the draft code of conduct. In the new draft, it has been made mandatory to take out processions inside the university campus after prior approval of the university administration. The protest at the university has been organized by students affiliated to the Students’ Federation of India (SFI). The student members of the CPI-M’s student wing, which also heads the student council at Presidency University Kolkata, supported the draft. “authoritarian steps” and urged all students on campus to believe in democratic and liberal values. The student group also asked fellow students to assemble at the portico of the university on College Street.

The news item said, “The President is a bastion of free-thinking and liberal ideas. It has always supported progressive ideology. We reject any model of murder of democracy in university campuses or any code of conduct for monitoring in the name of discipline.” won’t tolerate it.” Agency PTI quoted Anandrupta Dhar, spokesperson of the SFI SFI presidency unit. He further said that further students’ gathering would constitute a larger agitation without interfering with the academic activities in the university.

Notably, the draft code of conduct at the center of the debate was circulated last week. The draft underlined that meetings and processions would be permitted inside the Presidency University campus only after prior intimation and approval from the concerned authorities. The draft also prohibits students from sharing in the media audio and video clips of activities carried out inside the campus without the consent and approval of the administration. Going forward, the draft also prohibits students from smoking inside the campus.

In this case, Arun Maiti, the student welfare dean of Presidency University, told news agency PTI that the draft code of conduct was circulated among students to get their opinion for discipline on campus and it is not binding before a final decision is taken. Is. However, the SFI has hit back saying that if such was the case and the intention of the administration, the students should have raised the same voice, which was not done.

(With inputs from PTI)

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