Letter writing about the annual sport meet in your school, writing format.

LETTER-WRITING is an important channel of communication between people who are geographically distant from one another. In earlier times when the telephone and e-mail were not available, the only means of communication between people was through letters.
So, here I am going to show how you can write a letter. In this article, we will provide you with detailed information regarding the formal letter format about the annual sport meet in your school. Read on to know everything about formal letter format. Below I have given the full format of a letter, by following which you can write the letter and can apply for.


P.O. Ranaghat


18 December, 1987.

My dear Dolon.

I am glad to learn that you did so well in the Annual Sports of your school. My hearty congratulations. We also had our Annual Sports on the 15th instant. I had given in my name for long and high jumps, and stood second in both, having cleared 13 ft. and 5 ft. respectively. They were rather tame affairs and took a long time to end. The most exciting of all was the cycle race.

Pabitra of class IX took the lead from the first. Parimal of class X came up with him soon after. They left the others behind and raced side by side. How we cheered them both ! None could feel sure who would win. It was towards the end that Parimal suddenly shot ahead and won the race.

The orange-race of the junior group gave us much fun. The more eagerly did the boys, with their hands tied behind their backs, jump for the oranges, the more quickly did the things swing away from them. How trying to the boys themselves, but what fun to others! There were other events also, such as pole-vault, relay-race three-legged race, skipping, arithmatic race.

At the end of the sports, prizes were given to the first two in each item. I got a thermoflask and a small suitcase. Our Headmaster then spoke a few words to us on games and sports before we dispersed. Hoping this finds you quite well and with love.

I remain,

Yours ever,




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