Letter writing from a father to his son, asking him to be more economical, writing format.

LETTER-WRITING is an important channel of communication between people who are geographically distant from one another. In earlier times when the telephone and e-mail were not available, the only means of communication between people was through letters.
So, here I am going to show how you can write a letter. In this article, we will provide you with detailed information regarding the formal letter format about a father to his son, asking him to be more economical. Read on to know everything about formal letter format. Below I have given the full format of a letter, by following which you can write the letter and can apply for.



13th, January, 1985

My dear Suren,

I telt a little worried on getting your last latter. It appears that you can’t meet your expenses with the money I send you every month. As you say, you even ran into some debts last month. Nothing could be more undesirable. These are, no doubt, very hard days. Prices are soaring all the time. Your mess bill, too, has gone up. But I have been already sending you some hundred rupees extra for the last few months. It is, in fact, a great strain on me to send you as much as Rs. 400/- per month. You should have been fairly comfortable, if you could plan your budget a little more wisely.

You have reached an age when you should learn to feel a sense of responsibility for your family. I have to keep two of your brother’s at school. Your mother’s long illness this year also meant a heavy drain on my limited resources. I put by some money for building a small house in near future. That’s in fact the only provision for future I am making.

With all these calls on my purse, I am indeed very hard up. I amsure you will realize my difficulties and cut down your expenses as much as you can. Trust this finds you in the best of health.

Your loving father,

P. N. Sengupta


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