Letter writing to your friend telling him why you find English such interesting language, writing format.

LETTER-WRITING is an important channel of communication between people who are geographically distant from one another. In earlier times when the telephone and e-mail were not available, the only means of communication between people was through letters.
So, here I am going to show how you can write a letter. In this article, we will provide you with detailed information regarding the formal letter format to your friend telling him why you find English such interesting language. Read on to know everything about formal letter format. Below I have given the full format of a letter, by following which you can write the letter and can apply for.


35B, Surya Sen Road,

Calcutta-700 007

16th March, 1989.

My dear Sheela,

Thanks for your letter and the advice to work hard to learn English properly. Well, I am trying my best but, frankly speaking, the more I go deep into it, the more I find it an amusing and intriguing language. The funniest aspect of this language is that, though there are some well defined rules, there are exceptions also and these have made it really difficult for one to master the language.

Take for examples spelling and pronounciation. “Key” and “quay” are two different words denoting clear-cut different meanings. But still they have the same pronounciation ! I don’t understand why we shall drop ‘I’ while pronouncing ‘chalk’ and retain it in ‘block’. ‘Beside’ and ‘besides’ are so alike but are so much different in uses that I took some time to master them. I can never realize the uses of ‘will and ‘shall’. There is so much different between ‘go to the market’ and ‘go to market’. One must say ‘an umbrella’ but ‘a University. The proper use of prepositions is really baffling. One wonders why we should ‘deal with customers’ but ‘deal in spices.’ I just cannot make out this difference between ‘in London’ and ‘at London! The use of tenses is another hurdle and I do always mix up as I write.

The other day I heard three whitemen speaking English in altogether different ways-their pronounciations were different and so were their accents. On enquiry I learnt that one of them was an American, another an Englishman and the third an Irishman. I have heard that cockney-the English spoken in certain parts of London-is altogether different from what we are familiar with.

But still I love the language for it is one of the richest livinglanguages in the world. I am really working hard to learn it properly. Do accept my love and convey my regards to your parents.

Yours ever,


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