Letter writing about describing my excursion, writing format.

LETTER-WRITING is an important channel of communication between people who are geographically distant from one another. In earlier times when the telephone and e-mail were not available, the only means of communication between people was through letters.
So, here I am going to show how you can write a letter. In this article, we will provide you with detailed information regarding the formal letter format about describing my excursion. Read on to know everything about formal letter format. Below I have given the full format of a letter, by following which you can write the letter and can apply for.


19, Parkside Road,

Calcutta-700 029

3 January, 1985,

My dear Somen,

I am just back from a pleasant trip to Hazaribagh by car with two friends. Leaving Calcutta after breakfast, we stopped at Asansol for tea and refreshment. The drive after that was simply enchanting. The sky in front was tinged with the rays of the setting sun, and all around was so quiet and peaceful. The night was passed in a way-side dak bungalow. Rising early in the morning we left for Hazaribagh and reached the place at noon. There we had our bath and meals at a hotel. Then began the return journey. On the way back we went round the town. It seemed to be a quiet place set in quiet surroundings. As we drove to Hazaribagh Road Station through thick forests on both sides, we discussed what would happen if a tiger would suddently appear before us. Thank God, we were spared that experience. The drive from Hazaribagh Road Station to Calcutta was a non-stop one, except for a short halt for tea at a way-side stall. It was almost midnight when we reached home.

Needless to add that we enjoyed the trip very much. I wish you were with us to share our joy. Please accept my love.

Yours sincerely,


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