Letter writing about describing the prize giving ceremony to school, writing format.

LETTER-WRITING is an important channel of communication between people who are geographically distant from one another. In earlier times when the telephone and e-mail were not available, the only means of communication between people was through letters.
So, here I am going to show how you can write a letter. In this article, we will provide you with detailed information regarding the formal letter format about describing the prize giving ceremony to school. Read on to know everything about formal letter format. Below I have given the full format of a letter, by following which you can write the letter and can apply for.


Midnapur, 15.4.87

My dear Mejda,

You already know that I topped the list in my class at the annual examination this year. Naturally I looked forward to the prize-day with a certain fluttering of the heart-I was going to bag a first prize at last! It came off yesterday.

The whole town seemed to turn up on our school ground. The school-hall was too small to hold them all. It had to be an open-air function. But we made the whole place look like a bower with flower pots, colourful paper flags and festoons. We were lucky to get Sri T.K. Mukherjee, the well-known novelista s our chief-guest. Mr Bose, our Headmaster, began by reading his annual report. The school had a fine record to show for itself.

The prizes began with the winners of primary classes. It was funny to see those tiny tots coming up and bowing for their prizes. Samir of class XI drew everybody’s notice. He bagged almost all the prizes to be won. I feel that I made a fool of myself on the platform. I never felt so shy I blushed and stammered when the chairman asked. Trust this finds you in good health and spirits.

Yours loving,


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