Mark Zuckerberg Returns To Twitter After 11 Years As He Launches Twitter Competitor Threads

New Delhi: Tweeting is unusual for Meta founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, as he tweeted for the first time in 11 years amid the launch of Twitter’s competing threads.

The web interface of Instagram Threads is available for exploration which provides a glimpse of the upcoming Threads app. It is set to launch on Thursday on iOS and possibly Android as well.

Zuckerberg shared the famous Spiderman meme, without giving any caption to his tweet – a clear reference to Twitter’s rival threads. The tweet has since received 7,623 retweets, 3,112 quotes, 42.8K likes and 819 bookmarks.

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Meanwhile Zuckerberg has created his first thread using the app, and several other major brands and creators like Netflix, Gary V and Instagram have also been given early access to the platform.

Zuckerberg posted on Threads, “Let’s make this happen. Welcome to Threads.”

As per the report, at the moment, the web interface for viewing threads is pretty basic, with options to like, comment, repost and share – all of which prompt you to download the mobile app.

Similar to Twitter, users can view an account’s main posts in one section and the entire reply history in another. If users are in an unsupported country, such as the EU market, they can only view threads for now.

The report mentions that Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has about 2,500 followers and Zuckerberg has less than 2,000, so it’s safe to say that early access to Threads has only been granted to a few thousand testers.

According to the App Store listing for the application, Threads is originally scheduled to launch on July 6.

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