More Than 10 Best Plugins For Your WordPress Website

There are thousands of plugins that are available in the WordPress plugin directory. You can also install third-party plugins too, for almost every work there is some kind of plugins available. Plugins are very important for the blog website but you should know which one is right for you. Why plugins are important?

If you think that plugins are not important then why you are using WordPress instead of Blogger? The answer is very simple, most people shift their website from Blogger to WordPress because of the plugins only. Plugins make work very easy and save a lot of time. There are plugins for ads manager, SEO, contact, etc. Plugins can be paid or free, some only provide the limited options in the free version while some are completely free. So today I am going to tell you about 10+ WordPress plugins that you can install. So let’s dive in.


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1. WooCommerce

If you run some kind of business and want to sell your products online too then this plugin will help you. It is one of the most famous plugins for converting your normal WordPress website into an e-commerce website ( online store ).  It gives you the freedom to do many things, you can sell physical or digital products. You can add reviews options, currency, sort by and filter, product images, subscriptions options, and many more. If you want to convert your site into a professional e-commerce website then go for it. It gives for a lot of customization options.

2. WP Form

It is a simple plugin to create forms. You can create a contact form for your website so that people can get in touch with you. It has pre-built forms that you can edit or you can use the same. They use your admin mail to deliver all the messages, you can also change it. It has free as well as paid too. WP form lite is free to use and it’s simple, so I recommend it to you. You can also check out their premium option if you want to buy but I think its free version will be enough for you. After creating a form, you can use shortcodes to integrate it on any page, pasting shortcodes is very easy.

3. Yoast SEO

It is one of the most popular plugins for SEO. It helps to rank your post on Google. It creates an XML sitemap for your website and it also gives you a template for meta description. It has very limited features in free options so if you can buy a premium plan then this plugin is good for you.

4. All in one SEO

It is also popular and helps you in ranking posts. You can here conduct a site audit to know about the current health of the website and what changes you need to be done further. You can set up it quickly because of the set-up wizard. You can also make changes in the meta description too. Overall it is a user-friendly plugin that you can install.

5. Elementor

You can customize your website using this plugin, it is compatible with most of the plugins. It has many elements that you can use by just dragging and dropping. You can also a particular page using Elementor. It also comes with paid and free options, there are many elements available that are useful but you need to pay for them. But if you have to do normal customization like changing images, fonts, etc then you can try it.


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6. W3 Total Cache

It is one of the famous plugins for caching. It stores your website data in the user browser to load them fastly. The only reason people used it is only for increasing website speed and yes it helps a little bit. Speed matters a lot because if a website loads fast then it helps in ranking too.

7. Updraft plus

In blogging, anything can happen at any time like loss of data or hosting migration then the first thing that is needed the most is the backup. With the help of Updraft, you can take backup regularly and you can also schedule them. You can save your backup in cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive. So safety comes first, so go and install it right now.

8. Redirection

If you encounter 404 errors then this plugin is going to help you. If you want to send traffic from one URL to another then you can use it. Redirection manages 301 redirects and other redirections too.

9. Smush

Image can also slow down your blog website. The image makes a post more attractive to read but at the same time using lots of images can slow down your site and you can’t compress each image manually then use Smush it compresses all the images on-site and makes your site faster than earlier.

10. Akismet spam protection

Spammers are everywhere in the world, even in blogging too. They spam a lot in post comments, even you are so frustrated with them then try this plugin. It reviews your comments and tells whether it is a spam comment or not and after that you can block users manually. It makes your blog website looks clean and more professional. It keeps running in the background to review all the new comments.

11. WP Rocket

This is one of the most famous plugins for optimizing WordPress websites. It increases your website speed as well as performance. It automatically enables caching options and you can turn on many other options manually too. It has an image optimization option too so you can optimize your images easily. Now the most important thing comes whether it is paid or free, it can disappoint you but yes, it is paid but it is worth paying because it comes with amazing features that no other plugins provide you.

12. Live chat

If you provide some kind of service then it is the most important thing that is needed, you can interact with users live one on one. It adds a chat box to your website and it has other options too but the main thing is that it is paid. So if you have money then you can buy their subscription, it will help you in your business.

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