Musk Credits Father For Teaching ‘Physics, Engineering & Construction’

New Delhi: Billionaire Elon Musk on Sunday credited his father for teaching him the fundamentals of “physics, engineering and manufacturing”. The world’s second-richest person said the education of his father, South African politician Errol Musk, is “more valuable than money”.

Musk, who owns several companies such as Twitter, Tesla, and SpaceX, said he “never inherited anything from anyone”, debunking a long-standing rumor that claimed that his father owns an emerald mine in South Africa and has given him financial support. Help. ,ALSO READ: Top 8 Countries With Highest Inflation,

Errol Musk previously claimed in an interview that he used emeralds from an “under the table” mine in Zambia to finance his son’s escape from South Africa to the US. ,Also Read: Google I/O Event 2023: Top 5 Expected Launches,

Musk said that no one provided him with “a major financial gift” and that his father did not support him “financially after high school in any meaningful way”.

Instead, Musk and his brother had to support their father financially after their small electrical/mechanical engineering company “fell on hard times”, leaving him “essentially bankrupt for about 25 years”.

Musk said, “Our condition for providing her financial assistance was that she not engage in bad behavior. Unfortunately, she still did. There are young children involved, so we continue to provide financial assistance for their well-being.” Are.”

He again denied the existence of Panna mine. Earlier this month, he also tweeted: “I would pay one million Dogecoin for proof of existence of this mine!”

He said that Errol Musk told him he had a stake in a mine in Zambia, which he believed “but nobody has ever seen the mine, nor has any record of its existence”.

“If this mine was real, it would not have needed financial support from my brother and me”.

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