New Courier Scam Alert: Zerodha’s Nithin Kamath Warns Against Cyber Fraud, Suggests Ways To Tackle It

New Delhi: Nitin Kamath warns about the widely circulated “new scam in the name of FedEx, Blue Dart and other courier companies”. Sharing a long thread on Twitter about the ongoing scam in big cities, Kamath said that people should be aware of it.

how did it start?

It all started when one of Nitin’s co-workers received an unexpected call from a man claiming to represent FedEx, a reputed courier company. The fraudster informs Nitin’s associate and says that the police have seized a package as it was found to contain a hidden illegal substance.

“Since the fake police had his Aadhaar number, it made the whole incident more convincing. This person panicked and immediately transferred the money,” Nitin Kamath added in the Twitter thread.

As panic spread among the call recipients, the fraudsters took advantage of their vulnerability and forced them to transfer money without delay. Scammers take advantage of victims’ fear and lead them to react instinctively rather than rationally.

It is worth noting that the victim was not an ordinary person but a member of a company that constantly stresses the importance of cyber security awareness. This shocking revelation highlights the fact that anyone can fall prey to such schemes.

What to do if you also face a similar problem?

Nitin shared this story as a stark reminder to all that it is important to maintain a level-headed attitude when faced with a potential fraud. He stressed the importance of not panicking and instead taking a moment to pause, reflect and seek professional advice.

“In a situation like this, the best thing I would do is get my lawyer to talk to you; it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a lawyer. Most scammers prey on people who are nervous and instinctive.” It is important to slow down before reacting,” said Nitin Kamath.

A valuable piece of advice given by Nitin was to inform the scammer that a lawyer will be consulted, even if one does not currently have one. By implementing this delaying strategy, victims can disrupt the scammers’ plans and protect themselves from falling for their web.

Nitin’s encounter with this fraud scheme serves as a rallying cry for increased awareness and resilience to cybercrime. This underscores the importance of educating yourself and others about the emerging tactics scammers are adopting.

By shedding light on this complex scam targeting courier companies, Nitin aims to empower individuals to stay informed, question suspicious calls, and respond thoughtfully when faced with potential threats.

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