OnePlus 12 FIRST Look Unveiled: Check Price In India, Launch Date, Specs, And More

New Delhi: OnePlus enthusiasts have a reason to rejoice as the highly anticipated OnePlus 12 has been officially confirmed by the company, with glimpses of the flagship’s display and chipset details emerging from the recent BOE conference event in China.

During the event, select models of the OnePlus 12 were showcased, providing an initial glimpse of the display output, albeit concealed with a protective case to preserve the phone’s design until the official launch event. (Also Read: Apple Likely To Launch MacBook Pro, iMac Soon: Check Price, Specifications, And More)

Notably, the rear camera module remains hidden. Observations reveal a significant square camera bump and an alert slider on the right side, complemented by slender bezels encasing the display. (Also Read: Pixel 7a Receives Major Price Cut, Now Available At Just Rs 35,999 On Flipkart)

With the volume and power buttons adorning the opposite side, the front design features a familiar punch-hole display characteristic of previous OnePlus models, leaving ample room for anticipation regarding the overall design aesthetic.

Regarding the display specifics, OnePlus has introduced the concept of an “Oriental Screen,” equipped with OPPO’s inaugural display chip, Display P1, alongside a high-precision pixel-level calibration algorithm.

Touted to offer superior image quality, heightened brightness, and lower power consumption, the OnePlus 12’s screen has secured DisplayMate A+ certification, supporting a 2K resolution for an enhanced visual experience.

While the exact display size remains undisclosed, leaked images suggest continuity with the OnePlus 11’s 6.7-inch LTPO screen, aligning with prior leaks.

Boasting a peak brightness of 2,600nits, marginally lower than the recently released OnePlus Open’s 2,800nits, the OnePlus 12 promises a radiant visual display.

Notably, OnePlus guarantees a significantly extended screen lifespan, emphasizing the device’s commitment to an optimized and eye-protective viewing experience.

Further reinforcing its technological prowess, OnePlus has officially confirmed the OnePlus 12’s reliance on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, affirming prior speculations and leaks.

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