Over 50 percent Indian EV buyers satisfied with battery range, concerned about quality: Report

Though electric vehicles are the future of ‘Green India’, they have been the talk of the town for all the bad reasons. One after another, electric vehicles have come under fire, killing many and since then Indian buyers are skeptical about buying EVs. Recently, a report revealed that more than 50 percent of Indian consumers are more concerned about EV quality than its limits. The report said that the ‘EV range concern’ appears to be a misconception. According to a CyberMedia Research (CMR) report, consumers are not shying away from EVs due to ‘EV range concerns’ or ‘upfront cost’ or ‘limited EV charging infrastructure’.

“Nearly 50 percent of Indian consumers are now ready to buy an EV, albeit with a caveat, while 54 percent of consumers are still concerned about EV quality,” a report said. According to a CyberMedia Research (CMR) report, consumers are not shying away from EVs due to ‘EV range concerns’ or ‘upfront cost’, or ‘limited EV charging infrastructure’.

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“For a long time, limited EV charging infrastructure and range concerns have been perceived as barriers to EV adoption. However, automotive OEMs have already designed EVs with sufficient ranges of 200 km or more,” says John Martin, the analyst said. Smart Mobility Practice, CMR.

“Potential consumers for EVs are more concerned with overall EV quality. EV quality includes not only exterior build quality but the overall quality of the internal components used, including batteries and more,” Martin said.

With a strong government policy push including its flagship EV plan, rapid adoption and manufacturing of electric vehicles (FAME), and more automotive OEMs prioritizing EVs, India’s EV momentum is gaining momentum. India’s EV charging infrastructure is booming, with more public EV charging stations coming up. Simultaneously, cross-industry collaboration in the EV ecosystem will also contribute to the ramp-up of the charging infrastructure.

“Driven by the ongoing policy thrust at the Central and State level for development of EV infrastructure, upstream R&D in battery development as well as ramp-up will ensure significant growth in e-mobility. For OEMs, continuous awareness generation will be ensured. The focus should be on the quality and capability of EVs,” John said.

(with inputs from IANS)

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