Poetic Spicejet Pilot breaks internet AGAIN with his amusing in-flight announcement: WATCH viral video

A SpiceJet pilot went viral on the internet for his poetic pronouncements on flying in 2022. However, this was not the end of his fame. Pilot’s rhyming announcements have once again caught the internet’s attention. Pilot Mohit Teotia is again going viral on the internet for his poetic announcement full of humour. However, this time his rhymes are slightly different from the earlier viral rhymes.

In the most recent video posted on Instagram, Tewatia can be seen standing in the aisle of the aircraft making his pre-flight announcement. In his announcement, he can be heard saying, “Zara den fefdan ko aaram aur na karen dhumrapan, varna dandania ho gaya anjam.” In other words, he asks the passengers not to smoke during the flight and warns them against punishment.

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This video shared on Instagram has now got 243 thousand views and more than 21 thousand likes on Instagram. The video was shared on the social media platform with the caption, “Got to fly with our amazing poetic captain and a great guy too!! Captain, thank you for making it amazing.”

In December 2022, Tewatia became famous after a fellow passenger made a video of his antics while traveling from Delhi to Srinagar. Despite his face not being visible in the video, his witty way of raising awareness about safety precautions while flying left people in awe.

Many social media users praised the poetic style of the pilot. Commenting on the post, one of the social media users said, “Absolutely wonderful welcome!!! Loved the monologue and more importantly, your smile.” At the same time, some social media users even went so far as to say that they wish that their first flight should be with Tewatia.

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