Powered By NEP 2020, A Look At Online And Multidisciplinary Courses Launched By IITs in 2022

The National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) created a lot of buzz when it was introduced in the Parliament in July 2020. Several opposition leaders such as Swaraj India’s Yogendra Yadav and Congress MP Shashi Tharoor raised concerns about its implementation, effectiveness and inclusiveness. However, two years down the line, the tables have started turning around and many state educational bodies and institutions are now moving forward to push the new education policy.

Replacing the more than three-decade-old NEP 1986, NEP 2020 broadens the horizons of the Indian education system with its multi-disciplinary, multilingual and multi-modal approach. Realizing the immense potential of NEP 2020, several states such as Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and others have formed committees to prepare a roadmap for the implementation of NEP in an effective and smooth manner.

There has been rapid development towards the implementation of NEP 2020 in the year 2022. The Common Entrance Test for Central Universities (CUET), and the introduction of FYUP (Four-Year Undergraduate Program) in universities such as Delhi University are prime examples of phasing out. Among the key elements of the new policy.

Many higher education institutions have gradually started adopting the new education policy, but it is the IITs that have taken the lead so far in making the most of NEP 2020 and making the most of it.

After the introduction of NEP 2022, Professor Sudhir Jain, director of IIT Gandhinagar, said that “the new NEP has many progressive elements which the new IITs will find easier to implement, given their young faculty who are more open to change.”

Professor Bhaskar Ramamurthy, Director, IIT Madras said that “NEP 2020 is comprehensive in its vision and seeks to address the entire gamut of education from preschool to doctoral studies, and from professional degree to vocational training”. .

“It acknowledges the 21st century’s need for dynamism, flexibility, alternative avenues of learning and self-actualization. Another key aspect of school education in the new policy is to break the shackles of arts, commerce and science streams in high school and introduce vocational courses with internships,” Professor Ramamurthy further said.

Directors of other IITs like Professor Sudhir Jain of IIT Gandhinagar, Professor TG Sitaram of IIT Guwahati and Professor PB Sunil of IIT Palakkad have also praised NEP 2022 citing several progressive elements. It was especially interesting to see how IITs were quick to devise an alternative smart learning pedagogy at a time when NEP 2020 had just been introduced and COVID-19 The pandemic disrupted the education system.

Amidst the chaos caused by the pandemic, disrupting access to quality education and upskilling, IITs were quick to fill the void by emphasizing on their multidisciplinary approach by blending smart online learning with pedagogy.

Riding on the vast potential provided by NEP 2020 and facilitating uninterrupted quality upskilling for students, several IITs have broadened their academic horizons with new multidisciplinary, online and certificate courses, moving away from the traditional image of IITs as full-time science broadened. Institute of Technology only.

Towards the early stage in 2020, both new and old IITs such as IIT Delhi, Roorkee, Kharagpur, Hyderabad, Patna and Jodhpur are quick to expand their regular and full-time academic outreach with several new interdisciplinary degree courses (B.Tech/ Visible. M.Tech) in 2021.

Around the same time, IIT Bombay and IIT Madras started pushing new online learning courses with new “Online Certificate Courses”. While IIT Bombay launched two new certificate courses – Digital Transformation, and Power Electronics and Motors for Electric Vehicles, IIT Madras launched an advanced diploma program in Virtual Reality. The New Advanced Diploma course of IIT Madras is offered in both online and offline modes.

The new yet laudable smart learning transition that IITs started in 2021 becomes even more evident in 2022. In 2022, many IITs come up with new online course launches, which include degree as well as certificate courses. Yes, a degree course from IIT is not out of educational context in 2022. While some of these courses provided an easy and accessible learning environment for regular students, it was interesting to see how others were more aimed at upskilling working professionals. professionals, meeting the rapidly changing needs of multiple industries.

Going further, some new IIT courses have also been launched in 2022 with a direct aim to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of industries. These multi-disciplinary and skill-oriented smart courses of IITs not only establish the dynamic and innovative excellence that IITs are known for, but also great examples of adaptive learning of these premier institutions for individuals, society, nation as well Huh. industries, when needed. That being said, below we take a look at some of the new “smart” courses started by IITs in 2022”:

IIT Madras

BSc in Programming and Data Science / BS in Data Science and Applications

This new course launched by IIT Madras focuses on developing programming and data science skills among the students. Students have the opportunity to multiple exit with this course with a foundational certificate, one or both diplomas, or a B.Sc or BS degree. After the completion of this course, students will become proficient full-stack developers, Python and Java programmers, app developers, apart from being well-versed with machine learning techniques. Furthermore, students will be able to take the courses of the program as per their availability and convenience.

While the course material of the program will be available online, students will need to appear for the examination in person. The exam will be conducted in designated centers in 130 cities across the country. Those who have passed 12th from any stream can apply for this course. However, the candidates must have studied Mathematics and English in class 10th. Those enrolled in other colleges can also do this course simultaneously. Working professionals can also do this course.

Online Programs in E-Mobility

IIT Madras is all set to launch an industry oriented course in e-mobility for working professionals. The course aims to provide enrolled candidates with an overview of e-vehicle development, battery engineering, power electronics, thermal management and powertrains.

Free 12-Week Online Course in AI

IIT Madras has also announced a 12-week free online course in Artificial Intelligence for students and working professionals. The course enhances the skills of undergraduate and graduate students as well as working professionals with a computer science background. However, candidates having knowledge and understanding of algorithms can also complete the course, as stated by the institute. The course primarily focuses on the various search methods used by agents to solve problems.

Four Year Bachelor of Science in Electronic System Design Manufacturing and Mathematics Computing with B.Ed

IIT Madras in Electronic System Design & Manufacturing and Mathematics Computing B.Ed. is planning to start a four-year Bachelor of Science program with The curriculum is specifically designed to meet the production and manpower needs of the semiconductor industry. The program is set to be conducted in online mode from next year.

IIT Roorkee

Online Executive Course in Business Analytics

IIT Roorkee has launched a unique OnlineRay Executive Course in Business Analytics this year. This program is jointly offered by online skill training platform Simplelearn. The courses are offered online and interested candidates do not require IIT JEE or GATE scores to enroll in the programme. The course will empower the candidates with data-driven business decision making skills. This certificate program has been designed based on inputs from industry experts and will be continuously upgraded based on technology and overall market as well as industry needs. The one-year online program will be available only to B.Tech students of IIT Madras.

IIT Guwahati

Free Online Course in Artificial Intelligence

Like IIT Madras, IIT Guwahati has also started a free online course in Artificial Intelligence. The course is open to both students as well as working professionals. The course aims to empower students with problem-solving, knowledge representation, reasoning, modeling and other artificial intelligence methodologies.

IIT Kharagpur

Free 8-Week Online Course in Machine Learning

IIT Kharagpur has also launched a free online course in Machine Learning this year. This 8-week course in Machine Learning for Earth System Sciences is targeted towards undergraduate, postgraduate and research students. The course outline includes Earth system observations, Earth system data analysis and Earth system modeling in various domains such as hydrology, climate and soils.

IIT Mandi

Certificate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning in association with NSDC

IIT Mandi in collaboration with National Skill Development Corporation has started some certificate programs in Data Science and Machine Learning. Launched in November 2022, course sessions are live-streamed online by IIT Mandi professors. The selection of candidates for the courses is done through an eligibility test. On completion, candidates will be awarded a certificate issued jointly by IIT Mandi and NSDC.

IIT Kanpur

9 new eMasters programs in economics, finance, data science and business analytics

IIT Kanpur has launched a range of new eMasters degree programs in 2022. The new eMasters programs are targeted at students as well as working professionals, allowing them to broaden their career prospects while simultaneously meeting the demands of various industries.

New eMasters courses launched by IIT Kanpur are introduced in Communication Systems, Cyber ​​Security, Power Sector Regulation, Economics and Management, and Commodity Markets and Risk Management, Economics and Finance in Business; economics, finance and data analysis; and economics, finance and public policy; Data Science and Business Analytics; and Financial Technology and Management.

These programs can also be sponsored by corporates and industries for their employees. In addition to the online learning mode, candidates enrolled in the eMasters program will also be required to attend two weeks of on-campus practical training.

Interdisciplinary regular degree courses to be started by IITs in 2022

Apart from these new smart online courses, IIT has also launched a bunch of new full time regular interdisciplinary degree courses this year. We take a quick look at all these courses below.

IIT Patna – Six New Undergraduate Courses

IIT Patna has launched six new undergraduate degree programmes. Candidates seeking admission to these courses do not need to have JEE score. These are the new courses: B.Sc. (Hons.) Computer Science & Data Analytics (CSDA), B.Sc. (Hons) Artificial Intelligence and Cyber ​​Security (AICS), B.Sc. (Hons) Mathematics and Computer Science (MCS), B.Sc. (Hons.) Accounting and Financial Management (AFM), B.Sc. (Hons) in Business Management & Analytics (BMA) and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

IIT Madras: New four-year elective Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Applications

IIT Jodhpur BS in Physics with specialization program

IIT Mandi – M.Tech in Electric Transportation

IIT Hyderabad – MSc in Medical Physics

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