‘Professor Of Practice’: UGC Asks Varsities, Colleges To Change Regulations To Hire Educators

The University Grants Commission (UGC) on Monday wrote a letter to Vice-Chancellors of Universities, Directors of all Institutes and Principals of all Colleges for guidelines to include Professors of Practice in Universities and Colleges, news agency ANI reported.

In a letter to Higher Education Institutions, UGC Secretary PK Thakur has said that in the context of holistic and multidisciplinary education as recommended in NEP 2020, it is important for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to address the capacity gap, especially Regarding integration. general education with vocational education

“To enable HEIs to appoint professional experts, the UGC has created a new position called “Professor of Practice” and has already published guidelines for appointing Professor of Practice. Have also written to the RBI regarding the rules for the appointment of professors in practice,” Thakur said in the letter.

The UGC Secretary further stated in the letter that Vice-Chancellors of Universities and Principals of Colleges are requested to make necessary changes in their rules and regulations to enable appointment of Professor of Practice in their respective institutions.

According to the guidelines for the recruitment of professors of practice in universities and colleges. The professor of practicals will be hired for a fixed term.

The appointment of Professor of Practice will be limited to the posts approved by the University/College. This has no effect on the number of positions sanctioned or the recruitment of regular faculty members. The position of Professor of Practice is not open to current or retired faculty.

“It is envisaged that Professors of Practice may be engaged in one of the following categories. Professors of Practice funded by Industries. Professors of Practice funded by HEIs from their own resources. On honorary basis Professor of Practice. Professor of Practice funded by Industries,” reads the guideline.

Graduates with specialized skills are in high demand in today’s economy. However, the higher education system produces graduates who lack essential qualifications. As a result, many sectors now employ graduates and train them before hiring them. Involving industry professionals in teaching will help both the sector and higher education institutions. Higher education institutions can work with industry to fund Professor of Practice positions to attract industry experts and professionals in this category.

Professors of Practice are supported by higher education institutions through their own funds.

Undergraduate programs are being revamped holistically and multidisciplinary as per the NEP 2020 policy directions.

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