Reason Behind Why Most Bloggers Fail?

Everyone knows the potential that blogging has, it can give you fame, name, and money. Successful blogger earns money in lakhs or even greater, it depends on many things. There is no limit for earning revenue. And this is the main reason why many people want to become a blogger. Becoming a blogger is not a big deal, even anyone around you can become a blogger but becoming a successful blogger is not an easy task.

Even after spending months and years, people face failures. People just think that blogging is an easy task where you have to just write a blog post but that is not true, becoming a successful blogger takes time, effort, and a great experience. There are many bloggers around you but mostly are learners that take inspiration and try to become successful like big bloggers. After that those blogger comes who has great knowledge of blogging but still gets fail or just dropped blogging for no reason. So let’s talk about some reasons why do most bloggers fail:

1. Not maintaining consistency

If you create the blog then your priority should be giving regular updates. For example, if your blog is related to tech and you should post all new updates related to tech. But it seems a very easy task to do but in reality, it is not. If you break consistency then it’s over people will think that you are not active and do not give more updates further. Not maintaining consistency is also a reason behind why blog website fails.

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2. Not taking it seriously

Many people just create a blog website for fun. They have even no intention of doing blogging seriously. They don’t understand the depth of blogging. They just create, write some post and leave it. They want good results in less time which is not possible. If you want to become a big blogger and want to earn a lot of money then there is no shortcut for it. These types of people are those who just try different things instead of focusing on one thing. So don’t become people like this, focus on one thing a single time then do hard work to achieve it. Apply this same thing for blogging.

3. Not giving time

Many people just write a normal blog with low-quality content but if you are serious then not giving time to blogging is the main point. Writing a quality blog post is not a child play. It takes a lot of time. Firstly, you have to research a topic that takes a lot of time. Then you have to write a blog post perfectly that is easy to understand for every reader then you have to do SEO for ranking. It seems only a few points but it takes a lot of time. Writing a quality post after proper research easily takes 2-3 hours or even more. Those bloggers who are not serious, write posts without any research, make many mistakes and write a language that is not easy to understand because they don’t give enough time to their blog post which leads their blogger journey to failure.

4. Not good at writing

Well, it doesn’t matter how much you do research for a topic but if you are unable to express your topic to the reader in an easy language then people will avoid visiting your blog website. If you are a serious blogger then write the easy language with no grammatical error. If your grammar is not good then you can use some chrome extension or software which can help you in writing good content without any grammatical error.


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5. Want Instant Result

You may get inspired by someone who is earning tons of money from blogging but that doesn’t mean that you can also earn that money just by working for only a few days. You see my blogger earning but you don’t see the efforts and hard work they put into it to become successful. You can’t get results in one day, you should get proper knowledge and experience. Just keep doing hard work if you want to be a successful blogger. If you have no patience then blogging is not made for you.

6. Only want money

The only and the most common reason behind why most people choose to blog is money. Everyone knows that if you become a successful blogger then you can earn a lot and a lot of money. When a guy creates a blog, he/she only think about a quick way to earn money. They just try and if they don’t get any results, they leave the blogging. If you want to become a big blogger then instead of focusing on the money you should focus on writing good content. Just keep doing hard work, forget about money for at least 1 year after that you will gradually start to earn money. Just focus on good content and money will come automatically.

7. Less knowledge

When people start a blog website they aren’t able to get proper and good guidance. They sometimes lack proper knowledge. Some of them even don’t understand blogging properly. Sometimes, few people share improper knowledge about blogs because they don’t know about blogs themselves properly. I think that you already know that less knowledge of something is ok but improper knowledge could be dangerous. You trust things shared by unknown sources. If you don’t want your blog website to become a failure then don’t make this mistake.

8. Not selecting a proper niche

Many bloggers target different types of niches from starting. If someone visits your site for fitness content then he/she will only follow your blog website when you will write more posts on fitness in future too. By changing niche regularly you might lose your viewers. So in the start only try to focus on one niche in which you have the proper knowledge otherwise you can fail in the blogging field.

Just remember one thing at the last, now there are many bloggers so the competition will be high. You will only be able to beat others by writing high-quality content and with a good amount of blogging knowledge and experience. Avoid laziness, become passionate about blogging if you don’t want your blog website to get fail.

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