Running Recovery Tips: Mind & Muscle Recovery

Question 5. How do I recover after running?

An evening of sleep, mental relaxation, and nutrition is usually enough for a recreational athlete to recover. But, there are ways to optimize your recovery time and muscle protein synthesis. read on!


You have to start with hydration. Check your fluid needs with this simple water intake calculator:


Carbs, protein, and sodium are also important after your workout to boost your recovery. Eat a balanced meal of carbohydrates, fats and proteins about an hour after running.


*Be careful: diet Supplements can be dangerous. Therefore, always consult a registered dietitian or doctor before taking any.

Magnesium helps support your system. Your body sweats out magnesium while running. sSee this blog post for more information on mineral-rich foods: magnesium for athletes,

some supplements are important for recovery after running, Including glutamine, branch-chain amino acids (BCAAs,Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), creatine, and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

Glutamine and BCAA Support Muscle’s ability to sustain exercise and regenerate cells, gives creatine muscles stable energy. And neurotransmitter GABA helps if you are suffering from sleep problems,

This type of dietary aid should only be used if you are doing intense training or are lacking. A healthy diet is the key to success and much more important than Anything You can find them at pharmacies or nutrition stores.

For more help determining whether supplements are right for your activity level, check out this blog post: Supplements for Sports Lovers,

to take a rest

Every runner has his own individual lifestyle. If a person is constantly stressed, tired, lethargic or restless, it is almost impossible to make a complete recovery. Mental health is as important as your physical health. Everything in life can affect recovery because emotions affect our physical self and vice versa.,2,

There are active ways to support your body. enjoy get a massage, visit the sauna, or take a hot bath, Especially after a race, it’s a worthy way to show self-love.

Check skin care while bathing. Outdoor runners are especially prone to skin rashes that can lead to skin cancer. This blog post provides more sun-safe advice: walking in the sun, For a guide on how to recognize the symptoms of melanoma, see spot the dot,

What is the Best Recovery for Runners?

A study conducted by the University of Essex analyzed a group of recreational runners after a half-marathon. They were given different recovery strategies and measured to see which method worked best. Methods: Active recovery, immersion in cold water, massage and passive recovery. learning outcome:

  • Active recovery participants perceived less muscular and emotional gains.
  • Participants who used cold water immersion did not perform better on their next run, but felt less pain and tension.
  • Muscle pain is most reduced by massage.
  • Each participant felt fatigue after 24 h, regardless of their recovery method.
  • In Another study by the United States Sports AcademyBoth passive and active recovery had benefits and drawbacks.

In the end, massage and cold water immersion are the best runners’ recovery. Since there are pros and cons to both passive and active recovery, it is up to you to decide what feels best in your body!

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