Shocking! Amazon customer orders over Rs 1.5 lakhs MacBook Pro, get dog food inside box

new Delhi: An Amazon customer who ordered a MacBook Pro worth over Rs 1.5 lakh from the e-commerce website was shocked when the package arrived at his doorstep. The customer we are talking about had ordered a MacBook Pro. However, to his surprise when he received the delivery of the smartphone, he found dog food inside the box instead of the ordered device.

Alan Wood, 61, from Derbyshire, England, spent £1,200 on an Amazon MacBook Pro for his daughter. Sadly, they were given two packets of Pedigree Chums instead. After a delivery of the dog food, Wood, a retired IT manager, called Amazon.

Amazon initially refused to help, but later provided a full refund. In addition, Wood recently received a diagnosis of Stone Man syndrome, a rare connective tissue disorder in which the bones grow out of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

He also mentioned how he has been an Amazon customer for over 20 years and never experienced any issues. Wood placed the order on 29 November and paid for delivery the next day. You can only imagine Wood’s expression when he realized he had opened dog food instead of his £1,000 MacBook Pro.

Wood was certain that it was most likely just a mistake that would be fixed, but after speaking with Amazon customer service, they were unable to assist him. To solve the problem, he had to deliver the laptop which he never received. Even after returning the dog food to the warehouse, there was no difference.

“I’ve talked to supervisors and spent over 15 hours on the phone with them; I’ve also been transferred to new departments over and over again. They didn’t want to hear what I had to say, and everything in the same Ended up way, said Alan Wood.

An Amazon representative has since said that they have been in touch with Alan Wood personally, apologized for the inconvenience and assured him that he would receive a full refund.

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