Skills, Not Degrees, Will Drive Future As Technology Replaces Old Jobs: Union minister

New Delhi: Capabilities and skills rather than degrees will drive the future as disruptive growth and innovation have caused old jobs to disappear, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said on Sunday, reported news agency PTI. Pradhan was speaking at the conference ahead of the third meeting of the G20 Education Working Group later this week.

“Skills and capabilities, not degrees, will drive the future,” Pradhan said in his keynote address at the conference on ‘Deep Tech with a focus on advanced technology’. There will be a relentless competition between God-given human intelligence and Artificial Intelligence (AI). ” In the future of work.’ “Old jobs are disappearing due to disruptive innovation and technology. New jobs are emerging, but our workforce needs continuous skilling, reskilling and upskilling. should think about,” he was quoted as saying by PTI.

The “material” will have no impact on the future of civilization, Pradhan said. “Human nature is going to influence human future.” The minister said that the 21st century would be knowledge based and technology based.

“Driven by its civilizational ethos and as a natural hub of talent, captive markets and resources, India is poised to play a leading role in meeting the global aspirations of the 21st century,” he said.

He said, “Internet, mobility and global connectivity provide us with an opportunity to think about global needs. We must come together to convert this opportunity for the youth of India as well as those belonging to the Global South. “

3rd G20 Education Working Group Meeting

During the conclave, representatives from industry, academia, startup ecosystem and other stakeholders will discuss ways to re-imagine the skilling ecosystem, train global citizens for the future and make India a global hub for skilled labor.

Foundation literacy and numeracy, tech-enabled learning, the future of work and research collaboration are priority areas for deliberations during the third G20 Education Working Group meeting to be held from April 27 to 29.

Official-level discussions will take place on four priority areas identified during the meeting – foundational literacy and numeracy, technology-enabled learning, future of work and research collaboration.

Precursor events to be held before the meeting include “Deep Tech” and “Transforming Logistics for Coastal Economies”, a workshop on “The Future of Work” and Skills Architecture, a symposium on “Capacity Building for Lifelong Learning”. ” and an exhibition on “the future of work”.

The G20 Education Working Group held its first meeting in Chennai earlier this year, and it held its second meeting in Amritsar last month. The education group will hold three additional meetings before reaching a consensus in June this year.

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