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Hey, would you like to share your feedback to Sobeys? Participate in the Sobeys Feedback survey to win $500 sobeys gift card, just by sharing your feedback.

Sobeys Feedback survey is all about collection views and feedback from the customers. Sobeys want to know about your problems, complaints, compliments everything.

This article is a complete guide on Sobeys feedback survey and it will surely help you understand all about the survey so that you can participate without much difficulty.

What is the Sobeys feedback survey?

The Sobeys feedback survey is all about collecting information on customer satisfaction. The feedback will help the store find loopholes and problems in the system, products, and services.

The feedback you provide to Sobeys by participating in the Sobeys customer satisfaction survey is very valuable to the company as well you.

This process of collecting customer feedback will help the customers receive even more value form the company.

Rules and requirements for the Sobeys customer satisfaction survey.

Following the Rules are really important to win in the survey sweepstakes:

  1. You must be 18 years or more to participate in the survey.
  2. Must be a resident of Canada.
  3. Must have shopped at Sobeys.
  4. You need a receipt to take the survey online.
  5. You can take the survey via mail also for which no receipt is required.
  6. To take the Sobeys survey online, you must have a laptop, computer or smartphone with internet.
  7. You can participate only once with a receipt.

Take the Sobeys customer feedback survey online:

If you have shopped at Sobeys recently you will get a Sobeys survey code. The survey code is an invitation to participate in the survey. Once you are invited, you can participate in the Sobeys feedback survey. You can get to the survey by visiting

The Sobeys feedback survey questions are based on your experiences with Sobeys and their product and services. The difficulty is hard but if you read the questions with attention, you can surely take the survey without much difficulty.

As a customer you will be asked about the staff behavior, products and services. You can share everything you want too sobeys by taking the feedback survey.

How to participate in the Sobeys feedback offline:

You can share your feedback to Sobeys offline by sending a mail directly to Sobeys to the address, “Sobeys National Customer Experience Contest” telling your most recent experience at Sobeys stores to: Sobeys Customer Experience Contest – C/O Marketing, Consumer Insights, 123 Ford Street, Stellar ton, Nova Scotia, B0K 1S0, Canada.

Sobeys guest feedback survey rewards:

By participating in the Sobeys Guest feedback survey, you get a chance to win $500 Sobeys gift cards for your next purchase.

Facts about Sobeys:

It is the second-largest Retail store in Canada. You can shop at Sobeys online by visiting and participate in the Sobeys survey at once you have the survey invitation.

Some AIR members will also receive the survey invitation via Email. You can patriciate in the Survey by visiting the link.

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