Tenants will have to pay 18% GST on house rent? Know the truth behind claim

New Delhi: There is a lot of confusion regarding the filling of GST on housing rent. However, the government has clarified on the issue related to the new rules of GST on payment of rent.

The new rule of GST on rent has come into effect from July 18. However, it also gave rise to some misinformation which said that tenants would have to pay 18% GST on house rent.

Refuting the claims, PIB tweeted that taking out a residential unit is taxable only when it is let out to a commercial unit. PIB has listed three important things related to GST on rent.

– Residential unit rent is taxable only when it is let out to a business unit

–No GST when it is let out to a private person for personal use

— No GST, even if the firm owns or partners rented accommodation for personal use

PIB advises from time to time that people do not click on any suspicious links being sent as viral messages.

How to get messages fact-checked by PIB

If you get any such suspicious message, you can always check its authenticity and check whether the news is real or fake news. For this, you have to send a message to https://factcheck.pib.gov.in. Alternatively you can send WhatsApp message to +918799711259 for fact check. You can also send your message to [email protected]. Fact check information is also available at https://pib.gov.in.

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