This Modified Mahindra Bolero Imitates Iconic Land Rover Defender Inside Out

The Mahindra Bolero has gained popularity in India as a rugged off-roader SUV. Moreover, the SUV with the boxy design is one of the popular vehicles from the Indian automaker. The sales record of the car tells the story better. Also, SUVs are like a blank canvas for those who love to take their creativity to the extreme to create something new with four-wheeled machines. In one such example of modification, the creators have modified a Mahindra Bolero to look like an old-gen Land Rover Defender

A video uploaded on Youtube by Dayakaran Vlogs shows the SUV flaunting all the features of the Land Rover Defender SUV. Big Daddy Modifiers has taken up the task of transforming the Mahindra Bolero into a classic SUV, which is nothing less than a gem for any car enthusiast.

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Starting with the exterior, the body of the Mahindra Bolero has been completely changed. The body is getting the same butcher and boxy design that the Defender originally featured. To look rugged, the car gets a classic-looking front metallic bumper. In addition to this, the modifier has added metal units to the front grille and headlamps to give the car authentic features. Also, the bonnet has been raised and shaped to look like a Defender. Giving a modern touch to the car, the headlamps are LED projector units.

To further change the identity of the Mahindra Bolero, the modifier has changed the proportions of the SUV. Due to the 4-inch lift kit and aftermarket off-road spec wheels along with the chunky looking tyres, the SUV also appears much taller than the regular Bolero. Along with windows, doors and quarter glass that are reminiscent of Defender designs, the side profile also includes a specially made metal footstep. The rear has been given a facelift to make the SUV look like a Defender once again.

Similar changes have been made to the interior of the SUV as well. The interiors of this Bolero have been completely changed, and the door pads and dashboard now get brown leatherette upholstery. The leather seats are complemented with bespoke floor mats and roofliners. The modification of the car was done for a total of Rs 5 lakh. The project was completed in 4 months.

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